5 best hotels in Kalimpong

5 best hotels in Kalimpong

Author: TourGenie contributor
Date: 2021-08-13

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Kalimpong is a North Bengal hill station in West Bengal state. Located at the 1250 meters above sea level, Kalimpong offers a mesmerizing experience for all travelers. This British colonial location is a perfect getaway for peace looking tourists. It has a variety of hotels for all type of travelers. Kalimpong is just 80 km from Bagdogra Airport and can be reached easily by road.

Below is the list of the 5 best hotels in Kalimpong:

(1) Mayfair Himalayan Spa Resort, Kalimpong

Mayfair Himalayan Spa Resort is the chain property of Mayfair Hotels in Kalimpong. It provides the luxurious stay here for high end clients. Per night cost here is INR 8,000 with breakfast.

Mayfair Himalayan Spa Resort

Mayfair Himalayan Spa Resort, Kalimpong

(2) Sinclairs Retreat, Kalimpong

Sinclairs Retreat is an awesome hotel in the town. With the mesmerizing views of green hills, the rooms are spacious. The stay costs INR 6,000 with breakfast per night here.

Sinclairs Retreat

Sinclairs Retreat, Kalimpong

(3) Summit Barsana Resort & Spa, Kalimpong

Summit Barsana Hotel in Kalimpong is the first choice for medium ranged tourists. It has very good reviews and staff is very friendly. The average per night cost to stay here is INR 4,500 with breakfast.

summit barsana resort & spa

Summit Barsana Resort & Spa, Kalimpong

(4) Pine Tree Spa Resort, Kalimpong

Pine Tree Spa Resort provides the spacious rooms to its visitors. The location of this property is excellent. The cost of staying here is INR 3,500 per night with breakfast.

Pine Tree Spa Resort

Pine Tree Spa Resort, Kalimpong

(5) Soods Garden Retreat, Kalimpong

Soods Garden Retreat provides a comfortable stay for budgeted travelers. The food is delicious and location is near market only. The tariff of room here is INR 2,200 per night with breakfast.