The beauty of the erstwhile kingdom of Tripura stems from the splendor of its natural and cultural heritage. There are neither great mountain peaks, nor major rivers in Tripura yet its verdant expanses and rich forest land have had a great attraction for visitors for centuries. Tripura offers a plethora of delightful attractions in its cavalcade of historic places, rock cut carvings, sculptures, Buddhist and Hindu holy places, wildlife sanctuaries, and tribal people.  Poet laureate Rabindranath Tagore found its pollution-free, eco-friendly environment, pleasant climate and tranquility the perfect retreat to compile some of his works here.  Blending into the hills and valleys, the villages are a tapestry of rich ethnic traditions

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Getting There
By Air

The only airport in Tripura is in Agartala. It is connected to most of the major cities in India and is in the process of being upgraded to an International Airport.

By Rail

Agartala is connected with important junctions like Guwahati, New JalpaiGuri, Sealdah, and Anand Vihar at New Delhi by some express train like Tripura Sundari Express, Kanchanjangha Express and also other important places of the country.  Apart from passenger trains, ply upto Agartala and Udaipur. Some local trains also run in between Udaipur and Dharmanagar. Agartala railway station at Badharghat is the main junction of the state.

By Bus

Tripura is connected by road with Guwahati via Shillong by national highway no. 44. Good luxury coaches, both of private travel agencies and public sector Transport Corporation including tourist cabs, jeeps, and small segment cars of all the major automobile companies ply on this road. Agartala is 1645 kms from Kolkata, 587 kms from Guwahati, 487 kms from Shillong and 250 kms from Silchar while the distance between Agartala and Dhaka (capital of Bangladesh) is just 150 kms

Getting Around

The main mode of transport is auto rickshaws. One can hire a taxi or a cab to move around the city for a day-long excursion from Battala syndicate. There are several travel agents who put up cars for hire as well as car rental companies which provide cars on a per hour basis. Jeeps and SUVs are the most common public carriers, whereas cars and vans are usually used for private hire.


Buses are one of the main modes of transport within the city, with local buses available for long routes as well. Government city buses ply through 7 routes in the city with fares ranging from INR 5 to 10.


Paddle/Cycle rickshaws operate within the city limits with fares from Rs 5/- to Rs 25/-. Autorickshaws/Tempos are also available on certain designated stands with a rear seating capacity of 4 persons. These also ply to and from the airport.

Places to Visit
Top Activities
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Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary is truly the biodiversity heaven of Tripura with an area of 18.53km. The moist, deciduous forest is the habitat of different species of primates like Rhesus macaque, Pigtailed macaque, Capped langur, Spectacled monkey, Slow loris, and several other wild animals like Leopard, Clouded leopard, Jungle fowl, Civets, Barking, Deer, Wild pig, etc. The avian population of the sanctuary is also rich with a variety of winged stork, Whistling teal, and the White ibis.  The additional attractions for the tourist at Sepahijala are spectacular view of coffee and rubber plantations, boating facilities in the lake, and joy ride in the toy train. There are few comfortable tourist cottages in the sanctuary. Clouded Leopard National Park is a part of Sipahijala Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary Situated about 111 km from Agartala, Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary is another protected area dedicated to the vital mission of conservation of nature, wildlife, and biodiversity, which is frequented by visitors and tourist. Its area is 194.704 Apart from the healthy forest coverage and plant-plethora, the great attraction of this wildlife sanctuary is a sizeable population of Gaur or Indian Bison. Trishna also harbours a good stock of avifauna population, which is integral to the prevalent ecosystem of the Sanctuary. Another facet of Trshna Wildlife Sanctuary is the fact that it is also the habitat of and home to highly endangered only ape species of Indian subcontinent i.e, the Hoolock Gibbon and primates like Capped Langur and Golden Langur.

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The Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary was notified in July 1988 by the forest Department, Government of Tripura extending thereby special protection under the wildlife (protection act) 1972 over an area of 85.85 Hac. Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary, despite its small size, has over the years gained a great deal of popularity because of its natural beauty, restored with the active cooperation of the local community and partly because it is the only wildlife sanctuary in north Tripura. Large flocks of migratory waterfowls congregate in the several water reservoirs developed in this protected area. The sanctuary is also a home to a bewildering variety of plant species including several species of medicinal value, and their protection in the wilderness is extremely important from the conservation point of view.

Ideal Route: 

1. Agartala – Sipahijala – Neermahal – Udaipur – Matabari – Pilak – Mahamuni

2. Agartala – Dumboor Lake – Unakoti – Jampui Hills

Top Experiences
Kharchi Puja

Both tribal and non tribal communities celebrate the 7-day of Kharchi Puja festival with great vigor.  The 14 goddesses are worshiped in July every year at Agadala Garia Puja. 

Garia Puja

The tribal people of Tripura celebrate Garia Puja on the seventh day of the month of Baisakh, which is in the month of April. The puja ends with dancing and singing 


Diwali is celebrating with great enthusiasm in Tripura, but its celebrations are most colorful at the Tripura sundari Temple near Udaipur.  A big mela is followed by a cultural program during mid-Kartik (October-November).  

Pous Sankranti - The great Pous Sankranti Mela, held at Tirthamukn, attracts hosts of devotees from different places in Tripura’s Neighboring State as the Gomati River becomes the focal point of a Sankranti on 14th January. Thousands of people from all tribal & non tribal communities hailing from different places in Tripura converge on Tirthamukh, the birth place of the river to take a holy dip.

Ashokastami Fair

Unakoti is the delightful venue of the annual Ashokastani fair held in March/April 

Durga Puja - The Goddess Durga is celebrated in the state for 4 days during September/October with pomp and gaiety.  Shopping sprees and fun mark the occasion. Large pandals, lavishly decorated, are raised for the Durga puja at different places in the city.  

Orange & Tourism Festival

The orange harvest is the scene for the colorful Orange & Tourism Festival held every year on the Jampui Hills during the month of November.  Jampui Hill is the only hill station in Tripura where the succulent fruit grows so bountifully.  

Boat Race

The Rudrasagar Lake will become an activity of the colorful Boat Race organized annually by the Information Cultural Affairs & Tourism Department

Health & Safety

Tip 1

There are no special permits required to enter Tripura.

Tip 2 

Tripura is known as the land of S B Barman, who was born into Tripura’s royalty on October 1, 1906 at his parental home at Comilla (now in Bangladesh)  

Tip 3

One of the best pineapples in the world, known as Queens Pineapple, are grown in Tripura. This variety of pineapple was declared the state fruit by President Ram Nath Kovind on June 7, 2018.


Place 1

Famous for cane & bamboo crafts at Purbasha, outlet of Tripura Handicraft & Handloom Development Corporation.

Place 2

Fine Art School at Udaipur for fine art painting on silk, paper, cotton, and processed plates, with natural colours.  

Place 3 

MI Plaza and City Centre are two famous tourist shopping centers in Agartala and are considered to be the best places for shopping and to spend time with family and friends.

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Explore Tripura Tour Package
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Archaeological Tour of Tripura
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