Golf iron tips do this one thing and watch your iron game improve dramatically

Golf iron tips: do this one thing and watch your iron game improve dramatically

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-01-29

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I've seen advice from golf experts that say that the way to a better game is through practicing your iron shots and getting really good at them. I'm sorry but I just don't buy it. I'm going to give you some excellent golf iron tips that will just about cover the basics for you. But I still say you should spend a greater amount of energy (and time if you have it) on improving your chipping and pitching game.

As with most of my articles, I must disagree with most conventional golf advice in this area too. I can't tell you how many times I've heard that we have to go out to the range and begin by swinging our pitching wedge and then the sand wedge, then the 9-iron, and on up. With each of these irons, hitting a bunch of balls until we feel good about that iron.

Well, what if you don't feel good about one particular iron? Are you supposed to just keep hammering away with it until the bucket runs out? What good does that do you anyway? The way I see it, all you'll be doing is getting frustrated and injecting doubt into your game. Hardly anybody can pull out their irons and hit them all well as they work through their bag and a bucket of balls.

Forgettaboutit!My number 1 of all Golf iron tips- The next time you have time to hit balls on the range or into a net or just playing around in your backyard, here's what you should do: Get inside your head and pretend you are playing a round without any woods! Play a course in your head only with your irons. Never hit the same iron twice in a row because you rarely do that on a course right?Don't do anything in a practice swing that you wouldn't do on a course. Your mind will get all confused and you'll fall into the trap of being a good practice golfer but a lousy playing golfer.

You want to score on the course, not look good on the range.

As the Anti-practice expert, I am usually going to give you a different way to do things that has a far faster return in improvement at the average golfer level of skill. You must know by now that most golf instruction out there is geared toward the better player. Why instructors do that when most players are average, I can't figure it out for the life of me.

This is probably the best of all the golf iron tips and it's so easy to do. To make it even more powerful, the next time you go out for a fun, friendly round with nothing riding on it, leave your woods at home. That's right, I'm not kidding.

Now, most of you reading this are going to say, "C'mon, I don't want to do that." Listen, I'm telling to just do it once if nothing else. You will be surprised at how fun it is to think your way around a course. You will turbo charge your long iron game like you can't believe for the rest of the season if you just do this for one round.

You will start to teach yourself strategic golf that will come in very handy your next round with all of your clubs. And besides, you'll probaby keep the ball in the fairway the whole time. No out of bounds or lost ball will make up for any lack of distance on long shotsFree Articles, you'll see.

Something will happen at the cellular level that you won't be able to explain...but your scorecard will.

Do it!


Craig Sigl, the Golf Anti-practice expert, is a Master and Trainer of Hypnosis, NLP and Time Empowerment techniques. He plays to a 5 handicap and teaches his methods worldwide. Visit Golf Instruction tips to receive a free digitized golf book and ezine "Golf legends and Gurus"

By: Craig Sigl

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