6 Lakes to visit in Sikkim

Author: TourGenie
Date: 2024-04-01

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Lakes in Sikkim are more than just bodies of water; they're reflections of nature's majesty and cultural significance. From the mystical allure of Tsomgo Lake to the sacred serenity of Gurudongmar Lake, each one tells a unique story of beauty and reverence. Whether you seek adventure or spiritual enlightenment, exploring Sikkim's lakes is an experience like no other. Dive into the enchanting world of Sikkim's lakes and discover the magic that awaits.

Tsomgo LakeTsomgo Lake, also known as Changu Lake, captivates with its ethereal beauty nestled amidst the rugged mountains of Sikkim, India. At an altitude of 12,313 feet, this glacial lake offers a tranquil retreat and stunning reflections of the surrounding peaks. A must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

Gurudongmar Lake Gurudongmar Lake, located at a breathtaking altitude of over 17,000 feet in North Sikkim, is a sacred gem cradled amidst the mighty Himalayas. Fed by glacier waters, its pristine turquoise hues and panoramic vistas leave visitors awe-inspired. A place of spiritual significance and natural wonder, Gurudongmar Lake beckons all who seek serenity and adventure in equal measure.

Khecheopalri Lake Khecheopalri Lake, nestled in the lush forests of West Sikkim, is revered as a sacred site by both Buddhists and Hindus. Legend has it that the lake's waters possess healing properties, and its tranquil surroundings offer a sanctuary for meditation and introspection. Surrounded by verdant hills and vibrant prayer flags, Khecheopalri Lake is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

Menmecho Lake