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Yumesamdong is popularly known as Zero Point. One has to stay overnight in Lachung to visit Yumesamdong. The wind is strong and the oxygen content is less because of its high altitude and minimum vegetation. During the last week of December to the first week of April, the whole valley is covered in snow. One can spot yaks and blue sheep that can be seen grazing on the pasture.

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Located at a distance of 28 kilometers from Lachung, Katao or Mount Katao is another popular spot in North Sikkim. This is a place which normally is covered with snow during the winter months are no signs of human settlement all around. Even though there is strong presence of Indian Army, reason being very close proximity to the India-China border, tourism is very much restricted in Katau and to reach here you need to get a special permit from the Army.

Khanda waterfalls

On the road to Katau almost halfway to Katau top is the beautiful Khanda waterfall. The milky white water is perfect to stand under the waterfall and have a natural shower. After crossing this waterfall the climb to Katau top starts with the road taking 17 odd bends to gain altitude.

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