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Established in 1701, it is professed to be the oldest monastery in Sikkim and is located on the top of a hill and about an hour's walk from Yuksom. It was also known as the Hermit's Cell after its ascetic founder Lhatsun Namkha Jigme, who along with two other monks from Tibet met at Norbugang near Yuksom and crowned Phuntsog Namgyal as the first King or Chogyal of Sikkim at Norbugang, Yuksom in 1642. The literal meaning of 'Dubdi' in local language is "the retreat".

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Place of Interest / Things to do

Hungri – Hungri Monastery is located half a day’s hike up from the village of Gerethang. The monastery was built as an hermitage for the monks and slowly the locals from nearby villages started to come to this hermitage. The entire structure is built of hand cut stones and plastered with mud inside.


Paohungri – Its one of the sacred peaks in the Sikkim Himalayas at an altitude of 7065 meters. The visitors are allowed to go up to the base and usually most of the visitors go up to the Tso-Nim-Dawa (Pokhri dara).


Phamrong waterfalls is one of the highest and biggest waterfalls in west Sikkim. The waterfall is accessible from Road. The water fall has 3 major cascades 2 of these are visible from the road while for the third one has to climb up. The name comes from Lepcha word Pham (mother) Rong (ravine folks).

  • Near Co-Operative, Middle Sichey Gangtok, East Sikkim, India, 737101