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Cane And Bamboo Craft Center

Though Dzongu is not a shopping destination, the cane and bamboo center here at Lingdong village offers some interesting collectible items. You will find bags, carpets, hats, mats, and other craft items at this center. You can also shop for wooden masks and tables made according to local designs.

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Place of Interest / Things to do

Lingdong – The village which is also called as the gateway to Upper Dzongu, the village has a small craft centre and an interpretation centre which gives insight to the traditional crafts of the Lepchas. The village also has couple of home stays and makes a central base for exploring Upper as well as Lower Dzongu.

Hot Springs

Hot Springs – Located in the remote village of Lingdem, in Upper Dzongu are the hot Springs. The water is channelized into 3 enclosed community baths while one is an open are bath. The spring is next to a natural cold water stream. Hike on the Songbird trail or walk up to Manilakhang from the hot spring are couple of other activities one can undertake from these springs. 


Namprikdang, The Village near the entry point is called Namprikdang, this village has the community ground where the annual new year festival of Namsoong is held. There is a model Lepcha house with implements and tools (one has to call the local coordinator from the village of Passingdang for the keys to the house). The forest nursery and garden next the model house is also a good place to look butterfly and bird sighting. Last but not the least is the confluence of Rongkyong Chu & Teesta river a sight not to be missed as the two mighty rivers join.

Mantam Lake

Mantam Lake – Near the village of Mantam a lake is formed a natural lake was formed on the Rongyoung chu river due to a massive landslide. This is a natural lake has become a point of tourist interest because of the size. A suspension bridge is built near the upper end of the lake for crossing over the river to the villages of Upper Dzongu.

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