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Saiha, on the Chimtuipui River, is an angler’s paradise with its rich varieties of fish. Located 378 kms away from Aizawl, enthusiasts from different places in Mizoram and elsewhere flock to Palakdil (Palak Lake), which is famous for its varieties of wild ducks, crabs, and massive fish. The forest surrounding the lake is home to tigers, bears, and wild boars. The majority of the inhabitants belong to the Mara community. Saiha town is the administrative headquarter of Saiha District. Saiha is 318 kms from Aizawl by taking the NH 54. It takes approximately 10 hours by road. Bus service and Sumo services are easily available to Saiha. A helicopter service by Pawan Hans between Aizawl and Saiha is also available.

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Place of Interest / Things to do
Castle of Beino (Kolodyne)

The western region of Saiha in the Southern part of Mizoram boasts of a mesmerizing rock formation that resembles a castle. It is known for its geological marvel, which is a craftsmanship of nature, set in the pristine river of Koladyne. The castle-like rock formation towers 10 metres high on both sides of the river. Castle of Beino is surrounded with folklore, and locals consider it as cursed. This least frequented destination still holds an untold beauty that needs to be witnessed.

The best time to visit it is between the months of February and May; it is not accessible during the monsoon. You can also hire a motorboat to reach there and take a hired guide along with you. The boat journey starts from the village Lomasu to Saphaw, which is where the castle of Beino can be sighted.

Palak Lake

The oval-shaped Palak Dil or Palak Lake is the largest natural lake in Mizoram. It is situated near Phura village, which is about 391 kms to the south of Aizawl. Covering close to 1 sq km, it is surrounded by lush virgin forests rich in flora and fauna such as elephants. It is believed to be a winter stop-over for migrating pintail duck.

Tokalo Wildlife Sanctuary

The second largest wildlife sanctuary in the state, Tokalo covers an area of 250 Sq km and is located in the south-eastern part of Siaha District. Declared a wildlife sanctuary in 2007, it is looked after by the Environment and Forest Department of the Mara Autonomous District Council. The sanctuary is a semi-evergreen forest of moist deciduous trees. Tokalo acts as a natural habitat for a large number of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and birds. You can also find a rich variety of butterflies here.

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