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Few people are aware that the Tropic Of Cancer passes through Aizawl. It gives this first city of Mizoram, compared to other places in the state, an exotic twist. Citadel-like it stands with its lofty perch (4000 ft) on a ridge overlooking the lush Tlawng River valley. To its north lie the hills of Durtlang where there’s an interesting zoological garden. Explore the museum, which stocks an interesting collection of costumes, artifacts, and historical relics that are important to Mizo culture. Shop for traditional crafts and woven textiles such as Puan, with its intricate weave in many colors, at Bara Bazar. It also stocks a range of baskets and cane and bamboo items. Aizawl is a great base for a tourist to explore the enchanting offerings and places of the Abode of the Highlanders. 

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Place of Interest / Things to do
Hmuifang Tlang

Hmuifang Mountain is located at a distance of 50 kms to the south of Aizawl and stands at an elevation of 1619 metres. It is still covered with virgin forests that have been preserved since the days of the Mizo chiefs. Department of Tourism has built Hmuifang Tourist Resort, located at the scenic peak of the mountain, for tourists to stay and enjoy the beauty of the place. The mountain also has beautiful cliffs and offers great views of the surrounding hills. The surrounding forests, abounding with unique varieties of flora including rare orchids and wildlife, especially avifauna, provide a delightful experience for nature lovers and photographers.

Solomon’s Temple

Solomon’s Temple was founded by Dr. L.B. Sailo. It is said that he saw a vision in his dream to build the temple as well as detailed knowledge on the temple’s design and structure. The construction began in 1996 at Chawlhhmun with donations coming in from members of the Church. The valley in which the temple is built is named as 'Kidron Valley,' which is 10 kms from the heart of Aizawl city. Though the temple is under construction, it is nearing completion and is the most visited site in Aizawl by tourists.

Typical Mizo Village

In Falkawn, is south of Aizawl, a typical Mizo village has been created on a hillock by the Department of Art and Culture, Mizoram. It belongs to the Lusei village of the olden days comprising the houses of the chief, the chief elder, the blacksmith and his workshop, the common citizen including the widow whom the society always treated with special care, and the bachelor's dormitory or Zawlbuk. A large stone has also been erected here commemorating 7 Mizo patriots "who laid down their lives against British colonization.”

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