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The name 'Longpi' means 'group lodge' in Tangkhul dialect. Local myths suggests that the name was coined based on the strategic location of the village. It is said that the villages serve as transit point for travelers in olden days. Before the introduction of common salt, people from all over Tangkhul villages goes to Kalhang, Marem and Maremphung to fetch salt water and baked salt. The village is also famous for age old pottery making locally called Longpi Ham.

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Saline Springs, Kalhang

The village of Marem is located at about 2 hours drive from Ukhrul . This place has unique salt water springs in the olden days the local villagers use to mine natural salt and trade with other villages. The village is home to people of Tangkhul Naga tribe, majority of the inhabitants are Christians. Agriculture is the primary occupation of the inhabitants. The village is well known in the district for its scenic beauty. Kalhang is also famous for pork cuisine prepared mainly during Luira festival, seed sowing festival of the Tangkhuls.

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Ango Ching

Ango Ching is a protected forest area approximately 90 kilometers from the town of Ukhrul. The area is so remote that at times it becomes difficult to access the forest.  Because of its remoteness the forest has remained untouched as virgin forest and form a natural habitat for a large number of rare and indigenous flora and fauna.

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Kachouphung Lake

It is located about 7 km South east of Khayang Fall. The Lake is situated in a hill slope or Achuwa Magi Hills surrounded by a number of Knolls. 

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