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Sessa Orchid Sanctuary

From Seijusa one reaches at Tipi crossing Bhalukpong after a drive of about three hours through the foot hill region of Assam. Here at the Western bank of Kameng river an orchidarium stands with the assignment of culturing and propagation of orchids of Arunachal Pradesh. Baring a few terrestrial variety most of the orchids are epiphytic – the plants is a herb and grows on the trunk and branches of trees having the proper conditions which orchid needs for its survival. The life cycle of orchid has a peculiar association with the fungus; the association is only possible at a site where the site is conducive for the growth of fungus. Another association of orchid is moss, which grows plenty on the bole, trunk and branches of trees available inside the tropical evergreen and semi evergreen forest. The orchids of epiphytic type have special type of organ known a velamen, a special spongy an absorbing type of tissue system. There are about 20,000 varieties of orchids in the world out of which about 1200 accounts in India. The ecological condition and climate variation in Arunachal Pradesh is so much favorable that the state holds about 60% of the Indian variety of orchids. 

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  • Near Co-Operative, Middle Sichey Gangtok, East Sikkim, India, 737101