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Located in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar is a beautiful city well known for its Buddhist culture, scenic beauty, and tranquility. Nature lovers, history buffs, and photographers visit the place from all over the world to explore every bit offered by the city. The beautiful valleys of the city promise an unforgettable experience to every visitor. Itanagar experiences pleasant and cool weather throughout the year.

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Place of Interest / Things to do
Ganga Lake

It is one of the perfect destinations to enjoy the magnificent works of nature. The lake, which is also called as Gyakar Sinyi, is located in a scenic environment surrounded by lush greenery and majestic mountains. The clear water body amidst primeval vegetation, forest trees, and orchids spellbind you. Boating facilities are available here. The mesmerizing atmosphere that resembles a dense forest offers stunning views to be captured in your camera and your memory.

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Ita Fort

Ita Fort means ‘Fort of Bricks’ in Ahom language. Though only a few brick blocks remain, the ruins of the fort, which was constructed around 14th century, stands proof of the supremacy of the ancient people in the field of architecture. The historical importance of Ita Fort and the superior architecture of the bygone era are beyond question.

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Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary

It covers an area of 140.30 sq. km. The valleys and the hills with numerous streams offer great views to nature lovers. The sanctuary is rich in a wide range of trees. It is home to wild species including antelopes, langur, porcupines, Himalayan black bear, and many more. Bird watchers would love their visit here as the species of birds seen here run over 400 varieties.

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Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum

It reflects the history and culture of the region. The museum houses unique woodcarvings, handicrafts, and musical instruments. It has a separate section for archaeology, where antique collections unearthed are exhibited. The handicraft section here lets you view the processing of cane manufacturing. The library in the museum has a wide range of books. The ground floor of the museum houses an extensive ethnographic collection including traditional art, musical instruments, religious objects, and handicrafts like wood carving and cane products, while the first floor has archaeological objects found in Ita Fort. The first person from the state to scale Mt. Everest, donated his entire expedition gear to the museum.

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Indira Gandhi Park

Itanagar in itself is a land that has immense natural treasures to offer. Unlike other places, where you may have to seek elsewhere to enjoy solitude and oneness with nature, Itanagar is full of picturesque landscapes and breathtaking views. Indira Gandhi Park adds beauty to the existing magnetic atmosphere. The park has beautiful trees and plants and slides to keep the children amused. Indira Gandhi Park keeps the whole family happily engaged.

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Craft Center & Emporium

Craft Center & Emporium in Itanagar is the official sales counter operated by the Industries Department. The Center offers a good range of shawls, carpets, carved caskets and the beautiful cane & bamboo work. Many of the items on sale may be available in local shops, but this place you have authenticity, moreover, the staff will patiently explain the origin, tradition, purpose of each item. Ita Fort is very near to this place.

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Theravada Buddhist Temple

The Itanagar Theravada Buddhist Temple is located at VIP colony, this is a beautiful place, well maintained although small visitor can get a glimpse of Theravada Buddhist life at Itanagar.

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