Workation in Sikkim - How I spent 18 days in the mountains

Author: Michelle Tirkey
Date: 2022-07-12

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Workation—the new work style trend—has transformed the way we look at work post COVID. The shift from working from office space to the flexibility of traveling and working remotely has caught the fancy of many working professionals. It not only made many people more productive but also helped people rediscover their true selves and form a larger network in their professional space.


Sikkim has been a beautiful workation destination for many. Though it is a small state, it has many offbeat destinations that can be explored on the weekends. I could not let the idea go to waste when I got an opportunity to work in Sikkim. Though I did not have the option of working remotely, I took up an internship in Gangtok which required me to move to Gangtok for 15 days, which of course I was tempted to extend and eventually did.

The essence of Monsoon, as experienced in Sikkim

The best way to experience a place and its culture, according to me, is to choose a homestay for your stay. It not only gives you access to delicious home-cooked food but also valuable recommendations and local tips from the hosts. I found a place by the name Thinlay Homestay in Development Area through Airbnb and got a long stay discount. Most places have become flexible about their tariffs and have designed long stay discounts with meal packages after the concept of workation became famous. So the best way to find a place for yourself to stay is a bit of patience and research. 

Sikkim Workation Packages 

This being my 4th visit to Gangtok, I was accustomed to the city, although this time, I wanted to live like a local and discover eateries that go beyond MG Marg, experience unique things that the usual touristy crowd does not go for, and collect memories of a lifetime. The plan was to explore places in Gangtok on the weekdays and travel to nearby offbeat destinations on the weekends. Luckily, I discovered some hidden and really good cafes, made great friends, and got to experience amazing hospitality from my hosts at different places.


The Local Café (Vajra Cinema): The Local Café is one of the best cafes to sip coffee at. They have another at MG Marg too, but I’d prefer this one as it is situated away from the crowd. They have some amazing desserts and coffee, cheesecakes being my favourite pick.

The Local Cafe

The Local Cafe

The Travel Café (Development Area): Located below Tagalong Backpackers, the travel café is not only a place to get some really good food but the vibe is to die for. You can spend an entire day here: pick your comfortable corner to work and chill with other travellers in the evening. I’d recommend their chicken keema pizza, chicken wings, and mocha brownies. They also serve rhododendron wine and mulled wine, which are a must-try!