Dzukou Valley

Trip to the Valley Of Flowers of the East

Author: Debahuti Gogoi
Date: 2021-09-25

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This story is all about me and my friends who went to explore the unseen passages of the famous Dzukou Valley and many other interesting spots in Kohima, Nagaland. We were looking forward to uncovering the exciting localities that collectively make Kohima one of the most popular tourist destinations in northeast India.

Trek to Dzukou Valley

·         Our trip began from Guwahati to Kohima

·         After reaching Kohima, we drove to Vishwema

·         From Vishwema Village we trekked to Dzukou Valley

The expansive and verdant hill slopes, the soothing presence of pure white clouds, and the shining mountain tops turn Dzukou Valley into a dreamy trekking route. Dzukou Valley is situated at the bottom of a huge crater of an extinct volcano and is one of the popular trekking routes in Nagaland.


The riveting landscape of Nagaland

The trekking route that takes us to the Valley left us speechless. Witnessing the massive hillocks hidden under a thick layer of lush forests and the serene view of light blue water going through the middle of the Valley was the best experience of my life. 

It took nearly 3 hours to cover the trek. We had to walk amidst the thick bamboo trees and dense forest land. Once you go through the trail, you understand why it is known as the best trek route in Nagaland. 

A meandering river cutting through the hills

A meandering river cutting through the hills

Once we reached Japfu Peak, the second tallest peak in Nagaland situated at the height of 3048 meters, we got a breathtaking view of the valley of flowers. The valley is also layered with diverse species of plants. We spent some time on top of the hill, soaking in the beauty of nature. 

The paradisiacal hills of Dzukou Valley

The paradisiacal hills of Dzukou Valley

After visiting Dzukou Valley, we decided to explore other interesting spots in Kohima. Here are the places we visited: 

Kohima Museum

Now, most of you might know that Nagaland is a perfect blend of different tribes. The Kohima Museum is about those tribes. It depicts the traditions, culture, and lifestyle of these tribes. The museum has interesting artifacts that belong to the tribes of the region. I was quite amused after looking at those artifacts. The motifs, traditional dresses, dialect, practices, and traditions are all shown at the museum. After visiting this museum, I was mesmerised by the diversity of Nagaland 

Shilloi Lake

The next spot that we went to was Shilloi Lake. What's unique about this water body is its shape which looks like a human foot located in the center of the Patkai range of Nagaland. Surrounded by a valley from all sides, Shilloi Lake is a treat to the eyes. The picturesque view it offers is beyond imagination. What might actually amuse you is the fact that the locals actually believe that the spirit of a holy child prevails in the bottom of the lake. This is the reason nobody practices fishing or any other activity in this lake. If you ever happen to travel to Nagaland, make sure to plan a visit to this exquisite beauty.

Touphema Village 

The last one is the famous Touphema Village. This was the last day of our tour, and we had very little time on our hands to see this village. This village was actually constructed by the local community by collaborating with the Tourism Department of Nagaland. This village was planned and exclusively created as a tribute to the rich cultural diversity of Nagaland. Tourists like us can come here and witness the lifestyle and the history of the people living here. You will come across huts that are built in Naga style.

You can even choose to spend the night in this village. However, due to less time, we couldn't stay there. But we would have loved to do that as well. You even get bathroom facilities there. Make sure to book your hut in advance. 

This village was a perfect spot for us to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Also, even if you are an adventure lover, this tourist spot will not disappoint you either.

We also got to encounter some activities like the traditional Naga performances in the village. The performers perform different local dance forms and folk tales. Talking about food, I was totally taken away by the authentic Naga cuisine. Dry pork, bamboo steamed fish, and smoked pork stew were some of the dishes we tried. 


This was one of the most special adventures for me. It gave me the chance to relax and chill within nature. For all the trekkers, adventure fanatics, and photography lovers, this ultimate trek will be totally worth your time, energy, and money. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. Instead, you will thank me later. Have a look at this magical valley; you'll be absolutely blown away by its beauty. 

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