The Therapeutic Hot Springs of Sikkim

Author: Arpana Gautam
Date: 2019-08-20

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If you have ever gone dipping in a hot spring, you must have felt extremely relaxed once you got in and the ‘feel-good’ feeling must have lasted a long time after that too. The warmth and the therapeutic properties of hot springs make it soothing both for the soul and mind. 
Sikkim, with its serene beauty, offers many different experiences to its tourists, and hot springs are one of them.

What is a Hot Spring?
A hot spring is a spring (a natural body of water) that is warmed geothermally. They are formed due to the presence of geothermally heated groundwater. This makes hot springs higher in temperature than their surrounding environment. The temperature of different hot springs varies based on many factors. Some are warm enough for a relaxing spa-like bath but some are hot at a dangerously high level.
Fortunately, the hot springs of Sikkim have just the right amount of warmth and tons of benefits. You may want to know about their benefits before basking in their warmth.

Benefits of Hot Springs
As hot springs are hot in nature, they are capable of holding more dissolved solids than cold water and as a result have a very high mineral content. When you bathe in a hot spring, you soak in the goodness of minerals like calcium, lithium, sulphur, and radium, which have therapeutic and medicinal properties. 

Below are some benefits that the presence of these minerals in hot springs offer you.

Hot springs boost blood circulation
When your blood circulation is good, the cells in your body get oxygen and all the nutrients that they need. The better the blood circulation, the better equipped your brain and organs will be to make your body function due to sufficient oxygen levels. 

Minerals like sodium bicarbonate and calcium present in hot springs help in improving blood flow and hence boosting blood circulation in the body. The improved oxygen flow helps in lowering blood pressure, enhancing cell growth, and promoting healthier skin.

Hot springs relieve chronic pain
Various studies have documented and published the benefits of hot springs in relieving chronic pain. Bathing in hot springs eases joint pain, swollen joints, arthritis, and other ailments that cause chronic pain. 

Hot springs helps in relaxation and reduces stress
This is one of the most sought after and the immediate benefits of hot springs. Stress is one of the leading causes of many physical and mental ailments. The busy schedule and the sedentary lifestyle do little for relaxing our mind and body. Bathing in a hot spring soothes you and relaxes tensed muscles. As a result, your mood is better, you sleep well, and your immunity boosts up.

Hot springs heal skin problems and nasal congestions
Hot springs are a sweet remedy for skin problems like dryness, flakiness, itchiness, and redness. The high silica content in hot springs softens dry and sensitive skin, and the sulphur content helps in relieving skin conditions like eczema. Sulphur also acts as an effective remedy for common cold, allergies, and congestions in nose and chest.

Top Hot Springs of Sikkim

Reshi Hot Spring
Located on the bank of Rangeet River, Reshi Hot Spring is one of the most famous hot springs of Sikkim and highly noted for its religious significance and medicinal properties. It is just 25 kms from Gyalshing and is easily accessible. Reshi Hot Spring is one of the most famous hot springs of Sikkim and is easily accessible. The small huts nearby provide for an enjoyable stay, and a visit to Kah-do Sang phu, also known as ‘the secret cave of occult fairies,’ makes the visit to Reshi hot spring a complete one.

Yumthang Hot Spring
Yumthang hot spring is located near the picturesque Yumthang Valley in North Sikkim. You’ll reach the hot spring after a small hike from the village. The beautiful Lachung River and the overall scenic beauty of the place accompany you on the way to Yumthang Hot Spring. Being rich in sulphureted hydrogen gas, Yumthang hot spring is a therapeutic escape from the busyness of life.

Yume Samdong Hot Spring
Located at the base of the Donkia la Pass, Yume Samdong Hot Spring is just 25 km from Yumthang. The secluded place is mostly covered in snow and has more than 10 hot springs nearby. Yume Samdong Hot Spring is ideal for people who can bear the cold and who want to enjoy a dip away from the crowd.

Ralong Hot Spring
Located near Ravangla in South Sikkim, Ralong Hot Spring is a popular hot spring that is often visited by the locals and tourists alike. Along with its therapeutic properties, Ralong Hot Spring also has a religious significance as it is located near one of the holy caves of Sikkim. 
Borong Hot Spring
Borong is a beautiful hamlet located about 17 km from Ravangla in South Sikkim. Borong Hot Spring is located near Ralong Hot Spring with a distance of just 7 km. You’ll reach Borong after a 7 km drive from Ralong Hot Spring and about 40 minutes of walk downhill. As the spring is located near trekking trails, it is a favourite amongst trekkers and hikers.

Significance of Hot Springs of Sikkim
Hot springs of Sikkim are widely known for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits and are revered by the people. As most of the hot springs are considered holy and special care is taken to keep them clean and visitors are advised to do the same.
Winters are the best time to visit the hot springs of Sikkim. The months from November-February get quite cold, and bathing in the warm soothing waters of a hot spring is a pure delight.

Note: For the sake of convenience and optimal experience, there are huts present in the vicinity of most of the hot springs. You can choose to rest there. However, do keep in mind that some huts do not have bedding and food facilities.

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