The positive impact of a good company logo on your business

Author: TourGenie Contributor
Date: 2019-06-17

Most of us, when checking out a product among numerous similar options, tend to quickly validate its quality by searching for a well-known brand logo on it. Raymond, for instance, has long since been associated with high-quality fabric, and its distinctive red logo triggers this characteristic instantly. Similarly, a thermosteel flask bearing the Milton logo is bought without a second thought. A tried and tested failed brand, on the other hand, triggers a negative emotion and doesn’t warrant a second glance.

So we can say that the logo is the face of the company and one look at it automatically garners a positive or negative impression in the mind of a consumer. 

What does your logo say about your company?

If you don’t have a logo and thinks it is not important, then read on to find out how a good company logo can make a positive impact on your business.

Importance and Impact of a Good Logo Design

1. Draws immediate attention 

People usually don’t have the time to go read things in detail, so they quickly scan the content and form an impression within 3 seconds. That’s a short amount of time to convince a potential customer of the value of your services. A distinct and impressive logo on the other hand can command attention and credibility and convince the customer to spend more time reading the material. 

2. A well thought-out design can form a strong first impression

A logo is the company’s first introduction to a customer. A carefully crafted logo design that communicates your company’s niche services forms the right idea in a customer’s mind from the start and also communicates your authority in that space.

3. Strong visual means greater memory retention

A logo serves as an identifier for your brand and something people will connect with at first glance. It is important then that your logo triggers a positive recall of your company. Additionally, the logo itself spells out your company’s core values even though people might forget your company name. 

4. Brand identity

Every business has a story to tell and through its logo tries to elicit a certain emotion. The colors, shapes, fonts, and images are all important elements in the logo design and need to clearly communicate the message of your company. A law firm will most probably use bold lettering and solid colors to display a sense of authority and confidence, whereas a flower boutique might use cursive fonts and pastel colors.  

5. Promotes brand loyalty

Consistent quality service and availability creates a sense of trust for your brand. Hence, customers will tend to seek you out again and again. This trust reflects in a well-designed logo, which in turn builds brand loyalty. 

6. Separates you from the competition

What makes your business stand out among your competitors? As a travel service provider, the differentiation can come in the type of travel packages offered such as only treks and camping, safaris, adventure activities, and ecotours. This differentiation is what needs to be communicated in your logo. 

Place your logo in a prominent position because customers will look out for it in all your communications such as your business card, email, brochures, and other marketing material.

Get it Right and Make it Count

We can rightly conclude that a logo, therefore, is an integral part of branding because it can create a positive or negative impact on the public’s perception of the company, and hence, affect the amount of interaction with the brand. 

Ask yourself again what your logo is saying about your company and whether it’s representing your company’s best qualities. If it’s not, then right now is the best time to change it and make it count for your business. 

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