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Visit Loktak Lake in Manipur before it's too late

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Date: 2020-04-21

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Loktak Lake is a visually stunning lake and quite unlike any other lake you might have seen before. The circular floating vegetation is the most striking natural feature, which contributes to the sustainability of the lake’s ecosystem as well as the fishermen living on these floating islands. Situated in Manipur, Loktak Lake is one of the most popular tourist attractions and all for good reason:

Amazing facts about Loktak Lake

·         Loktak Lake is the largest freshwater Lake in northeast India.

·         It covers an astounding 287 sq km and is fed by 5 main rivers: Manipur River, Nambul, Yangoi, Nambol, and Thongjaorok.

·         The floating masses of vegetation, called phumdis, are 0.4 to 4.5 m deep (unfortunately, these are gradually sinking).

·         A circular phumdi in the Lake is called athapum, which is artificially created for fishing by the local fishermen.

·         It has the world’s only floating national park!

·         Loktak Day is observed every year on the 15th of October at the periphery of the Loktak Lake to celebrate the uniqueness of the lake and to discuss and exchange ideas for the preservation and conservation of the lake.

Best time to visit Loktak Lake

February and March are the best months to visit Loktak Lake.

How to reach Loktak Lake

Loktak Lake is well connected by road to Imphal city, which is 39 km away. First, take a taxi to Moirang and then to Thanga. From Thanga it is close by.

Things to do in Loktak Lake

·         Boat ride

·         Fishing

·         Island visits

·         Stay in a homestay on Loktak Lake

·         Visit Keibul Lamjao National Park

·         Other places to visit nearby

(1) Go on a boat ride

Take a leisurely boat ride on one of the long-tail fishing boats to see the phumdis up close. You can even walk on one of them (the phumdis bounce as you walk on them).

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Boating in Loktak LakeBoating in Loktak Lake

(2) Go fishing

You can either take a boat into the lake or stand on the banks and fish.

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Fishing on Loktak Lake

Fishing on Loktak Lake

(3) Island visits

The islands of Karang, Sendra, and Phubala on Loktak Lake provide beautiful viewpoints of the lake. You can take a boat ride to any one of them to enjoy the views or grab a bite. Sendra Island is linked to Moirang Village by a causeway. There is a café and a hotel here. On Phubala Island there is a resort, and you can try water sports here.

Have you visited any of these islands? Leave a comment about your experience.

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(4) Stay in a homestay on Loktak Lake

The best way to experience not just the lake but the lives of the Manipuri people is through a homestay experience. The homestays also arrange different activities.

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A homestay in Loktak LakeA A homestay in Loktak Lake

(5) Visit Keibul Lamjao National Park

Keibul Lamjao National Park is the largest of all the phumdis and covers an area of approx 40 km2. It is home to the Sangai Deer or brow-antlered deer, the state animal of Manipur. Besides the deer, the park is also home to other animals like hog deer, wild boar, large Indian civet, common otter, jungle cat, Asian golden cat, musk shrew, common shrew, flying fox, and sambar deer. You can also spot migratory and resident birds such as the East Himalayan pied kingfisher, black kite, lesser sky-lark, northern hill myna, Burmese pied myna, North Indian black drongos, Indian white-breasted water hen, and crimson-breasted pied woodpecker. The best to visit the park is in the morning and between 3:00 and 6:00 in the afternoon; the chances of spotting the Sangai Deer on the floating islands of the lake are very high at these times as this is their feeding time. The adventurous ones can also take a walk through the park.

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(6) Other places to visit nearby

INA War Museum, Moirang

Japanese War Memorial, Red Hill

Loukoipat Ecological Park

Sirohi National Park

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