Summer adventure activities in Meghalaya

Author: TourGenie
Date: 2023-03-02

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Summer is one of the best seasons to enjoy the hills of Meghalaya before the onset of the monsoon. The months from April to June are considered summertime here. With temperatures seldom going above 25⁰C, it provides an ideal retreat from the scorching heat of the typical Indian summer experienced in the plains. 

Here are a few suggestions for outdoor activities that you can enjoy alone or with family.


(1) River Rafting

Umngot River, with its loops and bends, offers a thrilling rafting experience. The rapids are not that difficult to navigate.  

Where: Dawki 

(2) Cliff Jumping

This is another thrilling activity to enjoy at Dawki. Challenge yourself on the 3 jump levels at 6 ft, 14 ft, and 22 ft.  

Where: Dawki

(3) Scuba diving

Enjoy the thrill of exploring aquatic life with scuba diving in the clear waters of Umngot River. You will be trained by professionals before you make the dive. 

Where: Dawki Island

(4) Boating

The most popular leisure activity at Umngot river is boating. The boat ride, which lasts for 1 hour, takes you through narrow gorges and canyons. You can see the Bangladesh border too. 

Where: Dawki

(5) Angling

Umiam Lake harbours some rare and common colourful fish. Catfish, Golden Carp and Silver Carp are some of the species you can find here. 

Where: Dawki