snowfall in sikkim

Snowfall in Sikkim

Author: Pema Yankee Bhutia
Date: 2020-03-26

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“The sky beneath”

The cold breeze comes in

The winter starts to intensify

With each step she took

And with each breath she pumped in

On the surface of the cruel land

Her tiny feet trembled a little but

With each heavy step

She moved on

Because it wasn't the breeze that she caved for

But the White Roses that always accentuated her attention and brought intimate silence

Then finally, was she at the fringe

Where the giant mountain stood

It was the perfect time she understood

With warmth in her chest and shine in her eyes

She wittingly waited for the awaited moment

While she took some more breathe and exhaled slowly

And there it was,

All she ever need to behold

'The sky beneath her feet ‘


This is how snowfall in Sikkim rejuvenates me and acknowledges me with utmost peace and happiness. And so, before I begin writing about Sikkim’s snowfall, I would like to tell you certain facts that will make you believe in every word I write thereafter. 

I was born in a tiny village called Lachung in North Sikkim. Sikkim is a state with a great history. Sikkim, once ruled by kings and enchanted with the best parts of nature, is the crown of our mother India— pure and precious and untouched by destructions of mankind. I have spent most of my childhood in Sikkim playing and dancing around a snowman. So guys! Who else can tell you better about Sikkim’s snowfall than me, right? And now that you already know so much about me and my beautiful state, which is also a famous destination to witness snowfall, I will go on to tell you about the craziest and the most mesmerizing and beautiful things to do during snowfall in Sikkim.


So, when it starts snowing you can stand still under a roof and look at the snowflakes falling slowly towards the ground. If you stand very still and look out for a minute, it will seem like you are flying under the snowfall; this amazing activity I personally discovered with my elder sister when we were children and we still do it whenever we get the chance. When the snow has settled on the ground, the second thing that I used to do was take my tea mug and fill it with clean snow and take it to my mother. She would then add some sugar syrup and milk and I would suck on it to get the sweet and milky flavour—the best and coldest ice cream in the world! And yes, for precaution never eat the first snow of winter. It is believed that the first snowfall settles down with all the dirt and impurities of wind. Furthermore, my grandmother used to tell me that the snow falls in a feather-like form to clean up our mother nature. She explained that a few days before snowfall there is a blowing of the wild wind that dusts out the body of mother Earth-like dried leaves and seeds and then finally the snow falls to trap those dusts so that we humans do not suffer from any ailments, and finally, she added that it is mother nature’s own mechanism of cleaning her land and that is why after each winter’s snowfall, the land looks green and fresh. The river starts flowing again, flowers in the valley start blossoming again, and the trees start growing new leaves once again.

And now onto the most mesmerizing and beautiful things to do during a snowfall: I would suggest that you grab yourself a  warm cup of tea and look out the window and see how snowflakes struggle to settle on the ground. Try to catch the moment in the children enjoying snowball games, and maybe, if you are a kind of a person with deep thoughts, you can feel how the cold wind of the winter hurts your hands and at the same time fills your heart with warmth while you watch the snowfall, and of course, my best part was when my 2-year-old niece saw snowfall for the first time. That pretty smile on her face and that excited shine in her eyes as she witnessed snowfall reminded me of my own first snowfall in Sikkim. Because someone said, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.”


So guys! Are you ready to roll out of your shells and taste some chilling adventure of Sikkim’s snowfall and exuberant beauty and culture of our hills? You are always welcome to visit Sikkim and experience snowfall at its best!

“There is always a fresh spot in old space” Grab your bags and head towards Sikkim in winter to experience and enjoy snowfall descending from heaven in Sikkim. 

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