Homestay in the hills

Rural Escape: A Simplistic Lifestyle Worth Exploring in The Hills

Author: TourGenie
Date: 2022-09-16

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The concept of simple living is having worldwide appeal as people are disconnecting from the whirlwind of modernity and taking a step back to create space and time for what matters to them. Some people are making drastic changes to their lifestyle but what if some of us can’t? 


We all have that yearly vacation we look forward to and sometimes extended weekends that come by chance. The excitement of having time for ourselves makes us want to do a whole bunch of things, leaving us more exhausted than a typical work week. 

If this is the year you’ve decided to put relaxation on top of your priority list, then we suggest a getaway to the rural regions of northeast India. Even a few days of staying with a local community host is enough to rejuvenate you. And we can assure you, staying at a homestay can get addictive. 


Staying at a homestay is not just about waking up late and gazing at the mountains all day long while a chicken pecks at the ground near you and a farmer is seen tending to his crops on a terraced farm. You could do that but a homestay experience lets you in on so much more such as exposing you to the local culture, engaging with your host family, eating local cuisine from farm to table, and taking part in cultural activities. 

A homestay experience is also about great traditional hospitality. You can expect your host to welcome you with a brimming smile and introduce you to his family; let you tag along as he goes about his daily chores of tending to his farm, feeding livestock, and collecting fresh garden produce for the next meal; take you on nature walks nearby; regale you with local folklore around a kitchen fire; ask you to join in local festivities or games. 


Nature walks

Village walks

Day hikes

Milking cows and making butter

Collecting and cooking with local ingredients

Preparing local beverages

Participating in harvesting

Exploring local flora

Birdwatching and butterfly watching

Listening to folktales

Witnessing traditional dances