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Post monsoon holiday destinations in Northeast India

Author: TourGenie
Date: 2023-08-09

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The wait isn’t long now before “most of us” can all start travelling again post the monsoon season. Of course there are the exceptions—daredevil hobbyists who venture out especially during the monsoons to chase storm clouds, go on treks, and hide patiently behind telephoto lenses to catch the special appearance of migratory birds.

Northeast India, with its luscious landscapes and close proximity to the snow-clad Himalayas, offers tourists the perfect vacation spot to escape to once the rains cease throughout the country. The forests, national parks, and rivers are teeming with varied wildlife; the landscape is resplendent in seasonal flora; and tourist sites are once again open for everyone’s enjoyment. 

While heavy rains cause seasonal landslides and havoc on the roads in northeast India, prompting a halt in travel for a few months, October-May are the best months to visit this region. We’ve listed 5 post-monsoon destinations that you have to visit come October.

Our Top 5 Post-Monsoon Destination Recommendations


With a pleasant temperature hovering between 10°c to 16°c, Lachung is a scenic hamlet in North Sikkim, close to the Tibetan border. Lachung river cuts right through it and the landscape is resplendent with waterfalls, lakes, sparkling streams, and fruit orchards. You also get unprecedented views of Mt. Khangchendzonga from here, with the Himalayas providing a constant backdrop to this tiny village. 

Things to do in Lachung:

Visit Lachung Monastery and interact with the monks

Visit apple, peach, and apricot orchards

Buy exquisitely woven rugs

Experience rural life at one of the homestays

Trek inside Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary

Visit Yume Samdong hot spring

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Dzukou Valley, which lies on the border of Manipur and Nagaland, is famous for its landscape and flowers; hence, it is also known as the “Valley of flowers.” You can spot many varieties of flowers between June and August, including the Dzukou Lily which is found only in this valley. However, any time is perfect to visit this beautiful valley. The view boasts of rolling hillocks, glens, winding rivulets, and caves.

Things to do in Dzukou Valley:

Visit the natural caves

Dzukou Valley trek

Go on a short village tour

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Tawang enjoys pleasant weather in September and October before it turns frigid in the winter months. This is the best time to enjoy the outdoor beauty of Tawang, especially the lakes. You also get splendid views from various viewpoints.