Points Not To Do While Using AdSense for Website

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Date: 2020-01-18

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Many website owners’ ultimate aim is to generate revenue from their website. Thanks to Google that offer the best revenue program called AdSense which helps to get some easy advertiser to newbie blogger or website owner like me.

Design a website with some good content for at least 6 month & apply for AdSense. For my understanding its like Give n Take relation with Google with a WIN WIN situation for everyone involved in this system (Google, AdWords publisher & the Website Owner).

After getting my first approval for Google AdSense some 2 month ago I researched a lot what not to do while using AdSense.

Below are some points that I had gathered which can help new AdSense publisher like me:

Don’t click your own Ads – This is the best & easiest way to get your AdSense account blocked or Suspended. Never try to click your own ads, not even in your dream! Even I found some people tried to click their own ads using proxy & IP bypassing techniques but, you can’t hide it from Google. The Big Dad of internet is watching & its impossible to escape Him.
Don’t Change or Alter Google AdCode – Some time Website face problem with the ad display size. Even in my situation I found Google AdCode size doesn’t match my layout so; I thought I should make some changes in layout or size. But, after several try nothing happen. After searching found Google AdCode can’t be altered so, one Advice doesn’t waste your time by editing the Google AdCode. Better change your website style sheet upon the Google AdCode format.
Don’t Give Wrong Information – This is a most important part as whatever you earn from Google is accountable for taxation, better don’t try to fool Google by using any kind of fake information. If found any kind of wrong information not only Google ban you but, all your earned money will be vanish.
Don’t Design your website as an ADS only Site- As a website owner our main concentration must on the content, NOT the ads. Google AdSense algorithm automatically display ads upon your content so, remember don’t paste ads on blank page or areas like Registration, Thank you pages. Even for visitor point of view it’s very irritating while someone lands in these kinds of sites. We should remember it’s the visitor who helps us to earn.
Don’t Beg for Ad Clicks – Google never allow website to begging or telling people to click on their website. I had found even some top blogger are doing this by writing help me to buy a beer kind of concept & got blocked by Google. They can survive coz they have a niche viewer with huge social media presence but newbie like me don’t have any alternate than Google so, If Google block our website then we will be finish.
Don’t tell how much you earned from Google AdSense – Google is very strict on disclosure of your AdSense revenue on specific keywords. If you find anyone selling this kind of thing please beware.
Don’t involve in click scamming – This is also one of the best practices to get banned from Google AdSense. Google is very much advanced to catch this kind of fraudulent. Google always keep tracks on how much your CTR & CPM. if you they found any kind of suspicious increment of clicks then they will catch & get you banned for sure. If, you find some UN expected high click from a page better tell Google about this so, they will help you in better way.
Don’t Put Obscene content – Google has a strict rules & regulation for content standards. Content like Sex, Drugs, Alcohol, Weapon. As AdSense automatically generate keyword from your content it will be easy pick for Google to get you caught.
Read Google term & condition – The last n Best of all point is "Read the Google’s terms & condition as much as you can".

I am a futuristic person with a creative bent of mind. Interest on Internet marketing ,market Research , Social Networking , Socializing , Cultural Activistism . I am here for enhancing my knowledge upon Social media. This is just the beginning for me, but you can expect a lot more. Thanks again, and keep reading!

Patyush k. Pattnaik

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By- Pratyush Pattnaik

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