Nagaland and other tourist places in Northeast India

Author: Tanuja Rai
Date: 2020-10-19

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India is one of the most culturally and spiritually rich countries in the South Asia and in the world. With the largest democracy and hundreds of different ethnicity, India is the perfect example of unity in diversity. It is one of the most known places in the world for its history, spirituality, natural paradises, culture, traditions, cuisines, hospitality and more. India is one such country with numerous languages, customs and faiths; this country has won hearts all around the globe. The variety of landscapes, rich wildlife and biodiversity, beautiful plains, majestic hills and mountains, religious sites, cuisines and more make India one of the best tourist places of attraction. It really is an interesting country and has so much to offer from north to south and from east to west, everything is very different. As you move from a state to another state in India, you will realize the difference in languages, foods, places, landscapes and people. The drastic changes from a place to another and the diversity do not make anyone less Indian. They will look different. Their facial features, colors and lifestyles everything may be different from one another but are bounded by the love of the nation. 

If you love to travel and explore different places, you will be glad to know that India is blessed with a wide variety of landscapes from steep hills to plains; gigantic mountains to plateaus, large seas spread across the horizon as far as your eyes can see and steep flowing waterfalls and streams. Explore any of these places and live some of the most memorable times of your life in India. However, you must know something apart from all other popular places in India northeast India is less explored and less touched blessed with places like heaven making it one of the most famous tourist places of attraction in India. 

As a travel enthusiast or a blogger or anyone in general seeking for an adventurous holiday, you must visit these amazing places in northeast India. All the states in India might be different in numerous fields but there still are certain common things between them. The northeast India is nestled on the laps of gigantic Himalayan range and is on the far side of the country in close proximity to other Asian countries. The Northeast India comprises of seven contiguous sisters and a brother where Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura are the famous seven sisters and Sikkim is one brother. All these eight states also differ from one another in terms of the languages they speak, the cuisine, culture and traditions. Nevertheless, they all have something enchanting and common somehow; the undulating hills, the plains, luxuriant green covers, wide variety of flora and fauna and many exotic plants and animals make these states in the northeast India outstanding.

The northeastern side of India may not be as developed as other parts of the country making these places not so much established on the traveler’s map. Due to this reason, the northeast India is least explored, untouched, and natural beauty remains intact the views of which can sweep you off your feet and considered as one of the best tourist destinations in India. These eight Indian states have their own charm and once you visit these places you can do nothing but lose yourself in its charismatic charm and magic. Northeast India has some of the best places of tourist attractions in the country. You cannot just visit these places only once in a lifetime. The beauty and the tranquil environs of these places in northeast India will surely call you more than once. No one can get enough of these beautiful picturesque places in northeast. These eight Indian states have so much to offer and are perfect for all kinds of tourists. Whether you are visiting with your family, friends, group of like-minded people or are a solo traveler, you will realize that northeast India is a must visit place in the country. It is also completely safe for solo female traveler. Here are some of the best places that tourists love to visit in northeast India.

Nagaland – home of the Nagas

Famously known as the ‘The land of festival’ Nagaland is one of the eight states of northeast India with numerous places of tourist attractions. The rich culture and traditions with many ethnic groups and tribes living together, Nagaland offers such astonishing places to travel and explore in northeast India that you cannot stay away from. The lush green valleys, variety of landscapes, mountainous hills, fresh water bodies, wide variety of wildlife and biodiversity, interesting foods and other culinary delights attract tourists in Nagaland. The splendid views of the scenic beauty, convivial people, colorful festivals make this northeastern Indian state an outstanding one. Tourists visit this wonderland to experience best times of their lives and witness unique heritage sites, rich wildlife, cultural shopping, intricately designed handicrafts and natural beauty.

This spectacular state has numerous places of attractions loved by all tourists. Some of the best places to visit in this northeastern state in India are listed below.

(1) Kohima – the capital city of Nagaland

Kohima is one of the famous places to be in northeast India and is also the hilly capital of the beautiful Nagaland state situated at a height of 1500 meters from the sea level. The real name of ‘kohima’ was actually ‘Kewhira’ that was derived from kewhi flowers of Nagaland. However, with British invasion Kewhira was anglicized to Kohima. Kohima attracts tourists in large number as rest of the places of attractions in Nagaland. This hilly capital is particularly famous for its untouched beauty and ethereal environment. Endowed with quaint hills, picturesque landscapes, emerald forests and lush green hills it is also one of the famous places for trekking, hiking and camping in Nagaland. If you are in Nagaland and are not visiting Kohima, then you are definitely missing so much in your trip to this amazing place in northeast India. It is not only famous for places of tourist attractions but is also a historic site of an intense 64 days long fight battle between the natives and the Japanese during World War II. You can visit numerous places in Kohima and some of the famous tourist destinations are the museum, zoo, wildlife sanctuary, local villages, popular valleys among tourists etc.

(2) Dimapur – one of the important places of Nagaland in India

Dimapur is known as the fastest growing and the largest city of the state. If you are visiting Nagaland by flight then Dimapur is the first place you will be stepping your foot in Nagaland. One and only airport in Nagaland is located at Dimapur and most tourists come to this city in transit. This popular city of northeast state in India offers places like Kachari Ruins, Triple Falls, the Zoological Park and the Nagaland Science Center. Dimapur is one of the busy places in Nagaland where the Dhansiri River in the east creates a city boundary and dense forests and hills cover up the western side. One full day is sufficient for exploring Dimapur hence you may consider visiting these popular places of attractions and exploring the city first in Nagaland then heading towards your next lap.

(3) Mokokchung – one of the popular tourist places of attraction in Nagaland in India

Mokokchung is another one of the significant places in Nagaland resided by Ao tribes. After Kohima and Dimapur, Mokokchung is considered as an important urban center in Nagaland. This area offers many tourist destinations and some of the must visit places as well. When you are in Mokokchung, you must visit one of the important state museums in Nagaland in the northeast India. The Nagaland District Museum in Mokokchung showcases ancient history, ethnology and more. Located just above the town center do not miss visiting the town main park in this place, Unman village which is the oldest and largest village in Nagaland is also one of the must visit places here. While exploring Mokokchung tourists also visit places nearby, like Longkhum, Chuchuyimlang, Langangkong and Mopungchukit. 

(4) Tuensang in Nagaland

Tuensang is one of the important districts of Nagaland in the easternmost part of the state. It is also the largest district of this Indian state flanked by the county Myanmar on its right side. Being the largest urban center of the state Tuensang makes it to one of the top tourist places in northeast India. After Dimapur, it is also considered to be one of the fastest growing towns with significant rise in the number of hospitals, different institutions, schools and colleges in the past few years.

(5) Phek – one of the mesmerizing places to be in northeast India

To experience a colorful side of the state, visiting Phek is mandatory. The hills and valleys that are extremely rich in flora and fauna make Phek one of the popular tourist destinations. The Shilloi Lake in this area adds on to the beauty of the hills and is also an important tourist destination. Kapamoduz and Zanibou are the two very important and spellbinding hills of Phek in Nagaland. It is one of the places richly blessed with not just mesmerizing hills but with fresh flowing rivers like Tizu, Sedzu and Lanye. Some of the popular places to visit in Phek are Khezhakeno tourist village and Phek waterfall perfect icing to this off beat tourist destination in Nagaland. The land of festivals is just the perfect name for this state in India that abounds in colors and festivities making the tourists experience some of the amazing and interesting vibrant sides of Nagaland.

(6) Famous Dzukou Valley and the Japfu Peak in Nagaland

One of the most popular tourist places of attraction in Nagaland, the Dzukuo valley lies around 25 kilometers to the south of Kohima. The Dzukuo valley and the Japfu peak of Nagaland are some of the most spellbinding and breathtaking landscapes of India in the northeast. Dzukuo valley is not only famous in northeast but also in other states of India attracting tourists all year round. Tourists interested in adventurous activities must visit this place for trekking, and hiking. The   valley and the peak make trekking here an absolute must for adventure enthusiast. Even if you do not want to indulge in any adventurous activities visiting the valley and witnessing the beauty of the peak is a must. Also known as the valley of flowers in the east, Dzukuo valley has views and sights to behold and feast in. Covered with the carpet of lush green grasses and exquisite species of flowers, it is also the heaven for photographers.

Arunachal Pradesh – land of the dawn-lit mountains

Also known as the land of the dawn-lit mountains in India, Arunachal Pradesh is one of the best and wonderful places located in the northeast region of India. The green dense forests, mountains, calming beauty, picturesque views are just delighting to watch. Arunachal Pradesh can be seen as a large patch of green in the map of India. This is one of the best states in northeast in terms of tourism which is also the home to abundant flora and fauna and some rare and endangered species. 

This Indian state offers great and best places to visit and explore. Some of the best places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh are the beautiful Ziro valley, Tawang, Balukhpong, Roing, Itanagar, Anini, Bomdila, Pasighat, Aalo, Tirap, Daparijo, Khonsa, Changlang and Yingkiong. 

Assam – one of the northeastern states of India

Assam is well known for its rich wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and many tea gardens. There are many compelling reasons to visit this lovely state. The landscapes, rivers, climate, culture and places of attractions make Assam one of the most visited places in northeast in India. This state is the best place to visit for tea connoisseurs. 

Like other seven states in northeast, Assam also provides many places of attraction. Some of the best places to visit in Assam are Kaziranga National Park, Majuli, Hajo, Guwahati, Sivasagar, Silchar, Jorhat, Goalpara, Manas National Park, Dibrugarh Dispur etc.  

Mizoram – land of the hill people in India

Mizoram is also called as the land of hill people and is also one of the best places to visit for holidays in northeast India. Like other northeastern states Mizoram also offers stunning and incredible rich natural places with scenic beauty, numerous waterfalls, rivers, green hills and valleys. Nestled among the mountains running through the state, Mizoram is also known for mysterious caves and pristine hills. An amazing fact about this state is that it is liberated from any gender and caste bars. Visit this state and be prepared to have one of the best holidays in Mizoram. 

Some of the best places to visit while you are in Mizoram are Aizwal, Serchhip, Champhai, Lunglei, Saiha, Mamit, Reiek, Kolasib, Vantanwng falls, Tamdil Lake etc.

Tripura – one of the best places to visit in India

Tripura is one stunning states of India best known for ancient archaeological sites and history. You must visit this state for its beautiful landscapes, interesting culture, delicious cuisine, palaces, sightseeing, heritage sites etc. Tripura is also best known for mesmerizing viewpoints, religious temples, rich wildlife and waterfalls. If you are seeking for an adventurous holidays in northeast, you might be glad to know that Tripura could be one of the best places you can go. However, if you are someone immensely interested in historic sites and archaeology, without a second thought book your tickets to this state and head towards it. Most of many places to visit in Tripura are ancient palaces, old architectures, Archaeological sites etc. 

Some of the best places to visit in Tripura are Ujjayanta palace, Tripura sundari temple, Chittangong hills, Neermahal, Ummaneshwar temple, Jagganath temple, Jampui hills, Budhha temple, Unakoti, Kunjaban palace etc. 

Manipur – one of the best states to visit for holidays

Manipur is one of the famous places to visit in northeast India, the lush green sheets and hills are always calling for visitors. Located in a green corner of northeast India, it is one of the best places with an oval shaped valley surrounded by nine ranges of bluish green hills intertwined with cascading rapids. This beautiful northeastern state is covered with carpets of flowers and lazy lakes in some places. Manipur is also often referred to as a little paradise on earth in northeast India. With the rich cultural heritage and sublime natural beauty this northeastern state promises to be one of the best and favourite tourist destinations for visitors. 

Some of the famous places of attractions in this northeastern Indian state are Imphal, Manipur State Museum, Loktal Lake, Chandel, Senapati, Tamenglong etc.

Sikkim – a tiny heaven of India in the northeast

The second smallest state in India is the beautiful Sikkim. This Indian state is small and extremely beautiful, perfect for spending memorable and best holidays at. Tourists from all around the world and India are always flooding this state throughout the year with their arrivals. One of the prides of Sikkim is the gigantic Mount Kanchendzonga, the third highest mountain on earth. The green valleys and River Teesta and River Rangeet flowing in between these valleys feel like picturesque views of postcards coming to life. The chilling breeze of winters with snowfalls and the array of blooming cherry blossom trees make Sikkim one of the best places to visit in northeast India. Some of the must visit and best places of attractions in Sikkim are the capital city of this Indian state Gangtok. 

Gangtok has many places of attraction popular among visitors like M G Marg, Tashi View Point, Ganesh Tok, Hanuman Tok, Ban Jhakri Falls and Bakthang Falls. Apart from these places there are more other popular places to visit in and around Gangtok. Gangtok falls on the east district of the state. Other best places to visit in Sikkim are Gurudongmar Lake, Nathula, Yumthang valley, Pelling skywalk, Temi tea garden, Namchi, Ravangla etc. Visit Sikkim and have one of the best times of your lives.

Meghalaya – one of the famous tourist places in northeast India

Also known as the abode of clouds, Meghalaya is famous for its subtropical forests, biodiversity, rich culture, mysterious caves and highest rainfall. This state lies on the lap of Himalayan region in the eastern side of India abutted by Assam in north and Bangladesh in the south. Meghalaya is often referred to as the Scotland of the east in India for its natural beauty. It attracts tourists throughout the year from different parts of India and the world. This beautiful state is on the wish list of many travelers and visitors everywhere and is considered to be one of the best places to visit in Northeast India. 

Some of the famous tourist destinations that offers extremely beautiful and spectacular places to visit in Meghalaya are Shillong the capital city of Meghalaya, the famous elephant falls, Mawlynnong the cleanest village in Asia, Mawsynram the wettest place on earth, Umiam Lake, Cherrapunjee, Dwaki, Nohkalikai waterfalls and Mawsami cave the longest cave in Asia. If you are an adventure freak but also a nature lover and love to visit famous places on earth, Meghalaya is the best destination in northeast India for you.

The northeast India is amazingly beautiful. All eight states of this region of India have been immensely blessed and the nature has been really kind to her bounty. With so much to do and explore it is no less than an opportunity to wander around these splendid areas and get close to the nature. Visiting and experiencing the environs of northeast India will let you have an incredible experience and get you a peace of mind away from the big city life. I say pack your bags and head towards the northeast and spend some of the days of your life on the foothills of the Himalayas and breathe fresh air. 

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