My Blissful Weekend in Shillong

Author: Abhishek Gurung
Date: 2019-09-30

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Shillong was a blessing in disguise, that I realize now. 

Everybody calls Shillong the Scotland of the East, but I think it has a certain charm of its own. You can expect an enigmatic vibe, hard to understand yet easy to love. Like the city’s roller-coaster and hairpin roads, we feel the joy of aimlessly walking up and down the secluded alleyways, titled pedestrians and rock-cut staircases dotted with trees and windowless building corners. 

The blissful sights are everywhere, you don't need to go very far from the city to get that one perfect shot of the skyline. Some places are such that it’ll just make you sit down and ponder. Shillong is all that and more. You'll fall in love with the capital of Meghalaya right from the moment you put your feet on the ground.

My stay in Shillong was brief, so most of the time I spent exploring the city with my family and friends. Although I wished to go further outside the city limits, the rains didn't permit me to go. Yet, I rented a scooter and scooted around the city. Let me segregate my three days stay in Shillong for you and how you can also spend a weekend amid rain, sun, nature and misty mornings.

Day One: Wards Lake and Police Bazaar