Marketing for more Customers or Focusing on Conversions?

Author: TourGenie Contributor
Date: 2019-07-22

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There are many ways to attract travellers these days. It can be through social media & digital marketing, consistent communication across channels, carving a niche for oneself, building on one's expertise etc. - the list goes on. But the real question is: Is only attracting travellers enough for a travel agency/ tour operator?

The answer is NO. Most companies are upbeat about getting leads, even purchasing them and reaching out to wider audience by spending on marketing tools, SEO etc. However, they forget to focus on conversions, i.e., once you get an enquiry, how do you turn it into a booking? Let’s face it, though volume of enquiries look good, they do not put any money in the bank for you. Conversions do!

So, How Does One Increase Conversions?
Imagine your website or your agency as a retail shop-floor. While lead generation and marketing can increase footfalls, they do little or nothing to make the window-shopper buy anything. Customer service does. The way you interact with a walk-in, enquiry determines whether the person will convert or not. Not to mention that digital customer service is becoming the new travel industry standard according to Travel Market Report. Here are a few major points to cover and make your customer relationship stronger:

1. Decrease your customer response time
Worldwide studies have shown that the current average research time for a customer to convert into a booking has stretched to almost 3 months whereas customer's expectation for a response to an enquiry has reduced to under 20 minutes. In fact, according to Travel Market report, a first response time of less than 5 minutes boosts customer confidence in your company significantly and pushes them towards the conversion funnel.

2. Generate/ share consistent and professional itineraries
First impressions do last! How many times have you come across a signboard with a wrong spelling or a bad design and it makes you have second thoughts about the authenticity of a shop/ brand? It’s more common than you think. A well formatted package sent along with your company logo and contact details can make a huge difference over sending a clumsily put together package. We can even say that your logo is the face of your company and one look at it automatically garners a positive or negative impression in the mind of a consumer. So, what does your logo say about your company?Read more about how a good company logo  can make a positive impact on your business.

3. Focus on customer satisfaction in all 3 stages
People generally think that customer satisfaction is to do with live customer interaction during an ongoing trip. However, it actually begins with the first contact. Every touch-point from then on contributes or takes away from your customer satisfaction. While reduced response time and sharing professional itineraries are a good place to start, it must be further compounded by quality follow-ups, personalization and how you handle requests. Even post a trip, your customer satisfaction continues in the form of how payments, invoices and closure is communicated with the customer

4. Be connected with your customers 24/7
Picture this: After a long day you finally reach home, and suddenly realize that you forgot to send out a quotation or do a follow-up or even worse, get a fresh enquiry who now wants a quick response from you. What do you do? Gone are those days when customers would abide by office timings and wait for your availability. They will simply move on to the next available company and hope for the best. It is therefore become a necessity to be available, especially if your key customers are from different time-zones. It makes you imagine what it would be like if you could access all your work information anytime and from anywhere. Well technology makes this possible too. Keep reading below to know.

5. Make technology your best friend 
Travel companies are very open to using technology to allow travellers find them. So why be left out in using technology to help you serve these travellers in a more faster and efficient way? Use a travel management software that is easy to use and can reduce your operational stress so that you can focus on what you do best. The TourGenie Travel Management System is a new cloud based that you can use from anytime and anywhere. Simply login and get started. Using it, you can  Create, Customise, Save and Share itineraries, enquiries and manage them in a breeze. Higher conversion ratios and profitability are the result!

Here is a quick glance at what you get when use the TourGenie Travel Management System:
Improved client service through quicker responses
Co-ordinated and controlled sales and marketing efforts
Comprehensive operational improvements to save time for consultants/ operational staff
Seamless end-to-end traceability of all client interactions
In-depth knowledge of every booking throughout its lifecycle
Data backed staff performance monitoring
Reduction in paper usage (greener office processes) and more

If you are interested REGISTER NOW and avail a 7-day free trail.
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