Macfarlane Memorial Church one of the heritage of Kalimpong

Macfarlane Memorial Church one of the heritage of Kalimpong

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-08-04

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One of the old heritages and it is very close to the main market of Kalimpong is Macfarlane Memorial Church which is classically excellent and a remarkable architectural feat built during the time of British rule. The church is sketched in the Scottish church style and the best part is that the Macfarlane church is visible from different parts of the town Kalimpong.


The church belongs to the Gothic Revival School of architecture, the tower and pinnacles were added later, the interior of the church was also repainted along with the tower. Today, the restored Church looks more beautiful and stronger, as it is reinforced with steel. Many tourists from different parts of the world visit this beautiful and peaceful Macfarlane Memorial Church to pray for healthy and wealthy life, to see the remarkable architecture and during the clear and beautiful weather, one can view the gigantic Mount Kanchenjunga from the place. The Macfarlane Memorial Church was named after the first missionary William MacFarlane who was from the Church of Scotland; he was the first person to take initiative for setting up the first missionary schools in Kalimpong. Sir William MacFarlane was also the one who helped to uplift the poor Tibetan community in Kalimpong. The Macfarlane Memorial Church foundation stone was laid in the year of 1890 on 24th February and it was inaugurated on 1st November 1891 and it is almost 128 years old church. The Macfarlane Memorial Church was constructed under the supervision of Scottish Missionary along with the help of local people from Kalimpong.