Food of Nepal

‘Live to eat’ in Nepal: 11 mouth-watering food of Nepal

Author: Tanuja Rai
Date: 2020-04-07

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Often referred to as paradise on earth, Nepal is one of the most culturally rich and astonishing countries in South Asia. Nepal is home to many diverse ethnic communities but all the tribes of Nepal live in perfect peace and harmony. The extremely bewitching natural beauty, gigantic mountains, lush green valleys, large water bodies, and tremendously delicious Nepalese cuisine has made Nepal popular all over the world not to forget the hospitable people of Nepal. This small and beautiful country sharing borders with India and China has so much to offer and will keep you hankering for more. The food of Nepal has a wide range of tastes, and you will perhaps be able to experience all types of tastes that exist. One of the blessings of Nepal is that this country rejoices in its diversity and every community proffers something special on the plate to enjoy. The food of Nepal ranges from sweet, salty, sour, and bitter to food with pungent smells yet delicious.

Chow chow chatpata – a common snack in Nepal

Chow chow chatpata – a common snack in Nepal

The flavors in Nepal are unique and the preparations of traditional food are interesting. Due to the wonderful variation in its landform, the food of Nepal has been influenced by other neighboring countries as well. You will be able to enjoy ethnic dishes in Nepal also find yourself indulging in food influenced by India, Tibet, and China. Nepal is a fascinating place with complex cuisine and satisfying flavors. The food of Nepal is for all; whether you are a meat-eater or not the food is appealing to all. Unlike many Asian countries, due to the presence of Buddhist and Hindu traditions in Nepal, vegetarian food can be easily found in all places.

11 popular mouth-watering food of Nepal you cannot resist:

(1) Dal Bhat

Rice being the staple food of Nepal just like many other Asian countries, Dhal Bhat also referred to as Dal-Bhat-Tarkari is one of the most delicious meals loved by all Nepalese. Dal is basically pulses like lentils, black gram, mung bean, kidney bean, etc and bhat is the Nepali translation for rice. Dal bhat is served with some side dishes like curd, chutney, papads, vegetables, and meat. The people of Nepal usually prefer having this food with achar or locally made pickles. Dal bhat is one of the delicious foods of Nepal that is filling and taken as lunch or dinner.

Dal bhat – staple food of Nepal

Dal bhat – the staple food of Nepal

(2) Momos

Influenced by Tibetan cuisine, momos are something you should never miss having in Nepal. Momos are made of two main components that are dough and fillings. The dough is simply made out of flour and water and the fillings can either be vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Pork, chicken, and beef are usually used to make meat momos and vegetables like cabbage, carrots, onions, and squash are mixed and chopped into very tiny pieces to make vegetable fillings. The people in Nepal add some spices to add more taste to momos and the momos of Nepal may taste a bit different from other places. This food is served with hot spicy chutney and delicious soup.


Momos – the love of Nepalese

(3) Dhido

Dhido is a typical Nepali traditional food that has been passed down by ancestors in Nepal. These days it is difficult to find dhido in Nepal however some places offer this traditional food and if you are lucky to find it, do not miss it. It is a delicious cooked paste of buckwheat flour like thick polenta. This food is eaten with ghee and you will be able to taste a part of Nepal in it. It was really common in the olden days when rice was expensive to afford and dhido was the staple food for everyone. This delicious food is really filling and healthy.

Dhido with some side dishes

Dhido with some side dishes

(4) Sel Roti

Sel roti is one of the popular dishes and most delicious in Nepal. Made with rice flour and fried in hot oil or ghee in round shaped like doughnuts, it is one of the most loved dishes by all Nepalese. The rice is washed, ground, and turned into flour then some water is added along with a small amount of regular flour and sugar and some spices like cardamom, clove powder, and cinnamon. This food is usually made on occasions in Nepal like Dashera, Diwali, or weddings. Many restaurants also have sel roti on their menus and you can also get them on the streets, deep-fried and served hot. Sel roti is crunchy from the outside soft and puffy from the inside. Usually served with hot alu dum or ghorkhey chutney, sel roti is must-have food in Nepal.

Sel roti for every occasion in Nepal

Sel roti for every occasion in Nepal

(5) Thukpa

Thukpa is a thick noodle soup that can be totally vegetarian or may contain meat and eggs. It is a dish you would love to have during cold weather in Nepal. Thukpa is also sometimes served with an accompanying dish of momos. This food of Nepal is influenced by Tibetan and Chinese cuisine. Absolutely yummy, it can be made from a variety of meat like goat, chicken, lamb, or yak. All the flavors and spices are added to the soup and the noodles are just simply boiled in water with some drops of oil to avoid them from sticking. For non-meat eaters, you will also find a variety of vegetarian thukpas like alu thukpa or vegetable thukpa. Vegetables like cabbages, carrots, onions, capsicum, etc make veg thukpa and alu thukpa is nothing but hot and spicy mouth-watering potato soup noodles.