Kalimpong- An Idyllic Place For Nature Lovers and Peace Seekers

Author: Simran Subba
Date: 2018-10-09

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When I hear people talk about Kalimpong, and when I read about it on the internet or a book, it always brings a smile on my face, and I am sure it creates a smile on the faces of people who have been there or who want to be there. It is a place placed between the river Teesta and Jaldhaka, surrounded by the beautiful Kangchendzonga and other Himalayan mountains, giving a beautiful, attractive background to this place. And if one is on the quest of attaining peace, happiness, relaxation, and good vibes then my friend "Kalimpong" is the place to be. I've always loved this place and have always felt a connection here maybe because I have my maternal relatives living here. And the richness in its history is commendable. Kalimpong, which once served as a vacation spot for the Britishers has now became a hub for nature lovers and peace seekers. Till date, I have been here several times and every time I go there I felt nostalgic. 

For nature lovers who always feel rooted to the soil, the flora, and fauna, Kalimpong offers many remarkable spots; Delo is one of these places. It takes about half an hour from the main town to reach here. Situated at the top of the hill, it makes me spellbound every time. To all the nature lovers and peace seekers out there, Delo is a place you need to visit. Delo is a park built on 8 acres land and houses a DGHC lodge with a multi-cuisine restaurant and snooker room. A favourite tourist attraction is the horse ride. There are benches situated throughout the park for people to sit, relax, and enjoy the beauty of Delo. Delo’s water reservoir also supplies water to Kalimpong. Delo is a perfect place for people who believe in the power of nature; if you disagree then visit this place and it will change your mind.

Another place to visit is "Durpin Hill." Durpin is also situated on the top of a hill. Coincidentally, Delo and Durpin are located on opposite sides of each other, with Kalimpong town wedged in between.  You can visit a number of places in this area.

Monkey Cliff

The locals of this place say that the place is so named because it is a crib for monkeys, while some people say that the shape of the cliff depicts that of a sleeping monkey. Which one would you believe? Well, the answer can only be found once you visit this place.