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Goji Juice - What are Goji Berries?

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-01-22

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The secret you need to know before you even consider to buy Himalayan Goji Berry Juice is the success of the product regardless of which one, comes from the 4 unique polysaccharides that exist within the juice of the berry. People who buy Himalayan Goji berry juice usually realize health benefits that range from fighting insomnia and forgetfulness to helping the body detoxify,as well as increases in sexual performance.

From Time magazine to Oprah and Dr.Oz, Himalayan Goji Juice is on the rise and dominating the alternative health category.

But how to decide on the best brand until today has been challenging. Thanks to science the decision has been simplified.

The secret to Himalayan Goji Juice or any of the berries are the 4 unique polysaccharides that are found within the juice of the berry. The major differentiation between a great Himalayan Goji Juice vs a lesser quality product is based on the amount of Polysaccharides that are found in the bottle. These are the keys to the Goji Juice benefits. So when researching a product, look to see if they have a procedure to ensure the polysaccharides are in a balanced state. Why? Because if they simply squeeze a berry into a bottle and call it Himalayan Goji Juice you may be throwing your money away. Don't let the catch phrase "Pure 100 percent Goji Juice" fool you. It's not about if the product is 100 percent Goji Juice, it all comes down to the extraction process used to remove the Polysaccharides. If you're paying for pulp, seeds and skin - you're losing out on what's important.

Check for a good guarantee. If you're going to buy Himalayan Goji Juice make sure you have enough time to see the results and ensure you can get your money back if don't see any. Sometimes it takes up to 90 days to see huge results, everyone is different - however, some people see results in 3 days. It's safe to say that if you're going to give it a fair shot make sure you have a 60 to 90 day money back guarantee.

You should start seeing small benefits almost immediately(within one week) from when you start taking the product. Those who try Himalayan Goji Juice usually see an increase in their energy levels, less stress and a higher quality of sleep. Dr.Oz from Opera recommended the Himalayan product on national TV to Ben Gordon, leading scorer for the Chicago Bulls, who requested information on his diet. Ben asked, "I'm a professional athlete. I train anywhere between two and three times a day. ... What kind of foods can I add to my diet to help me maintain high energy levels throughout my diet and not crash after I'm finished working out," "Bright colored fruits, like goji berries, are also great," Dr. Oz says. "They grow in the Himalayas. They're the most potent antioxidant fruit that we know,"

A study from Dr. Mindell's book 'Goji: The Himalayan Health Secret', observed that 67 per cent of elderly people that were given a daily dose of the berries for 3 weeks experienced dramatic immune system enhancement (T cell transformation functions tripled and the activity of interleukin-2 doubled). Further more, the spirit and optimism of all significantly increased, appetite improved in 95 per cent of the patients, 95 per cent slept better, and 35 per cent partially recovered their sexual function.

Other benefits you can expect to see are less insomnia and forgetfulness, it also helps in cleaning the blood and building the immune system as well as increases sexual performance.

Most important is to make sure you get a standardized Goji product. You don't want to get results from one bottle and then none in the next 3 - most Himalayan Goji Juice products are not standardized so this can help you eliminate some brands easily. There are many great brands of Goji out there however Goji of Himalayan decent are known to be the best.

Here is an interesting Goji Berry fact, The Goji Berry is the most ancient written about health productBusiness Management Articles, dating back to 400BC. And there is a 2 week festival in Central Asia dedicated to its harvest.

Thanks to science the keys of the berry have been demystified and the benefits of Himalayan Goji Juice will only get stronger as science continues to confirm what the Himalayans have written about for 1000s of years.

People looking to buy Himalayan Goji Juice may consider it expensive however it is a solid investment in your health.

Here is to you!

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For people looking to learn more about the benefits of Goji feel free to watch the video interview from Health Watch Today and the world's leading Goji research expert by clicking here: buy Himalayan Goji Juice

Written by Michael Van-Masters

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