TourGenie_kalimpong_Phing drying

Glass Noodles from Kalimpong

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-02-28

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Kalimpong is a small town nestled in between Darjeeling and Gangtok which is famous for many things and for me one of the things I will always remember it for is a small home based factory making local glass noodles Phing I had visited. I had been to a friend’s uncle’s home recently, only to discover that his backyard and been converted into a small factory where noodles were being washed and left to dry on bamboo poles.

                                                         TourGenie_kalimpong_Phing factory

It looked like angel hair drying with the gentle breeze swaying it from time to time. It really intrigued me to know the origins of this ingredient.

Phing is made from a mix of mung beans and starch that is mixed and steamed before it is pressed through a mechanical sieve to produce thread like noodles (the thickness of which can vary).

                                                        TourGenie_kalimpong_Phing dough

                                                           These are quickly washed again to remove any excess dough.

                                                        TourGenie_kalimpong_Phing washing    

                                                                         They are then left on bamboo poles to sun dry.

                                                         TourGenie_kalimpong_Phing drying_in process