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Get Free Traffic For Website Is Easy But How To Make Sure You Get Sales From It?

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-01-22

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As a matter of fact, you can get free traffic for website easily from almost anywhere! The key is to know how to get them, and most importantly, get them right and convert them into sales.

To get free traffic for website, you can do article marketing, forum marketing, blogging, social network marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) making sure that your site appears on top of the search engine result page, email marketing, etc.

The problem is, you might have done all the above, yet not getting increasing website traffic the way you wanted it to be. What has gone wrong?

You see, whatever free traffic for website that you are getting, if it is not targeted website traffic, it is as good as no traffic. For e.g. no matter how many thousands of parrot lovers you have visiting your dog training program website, they are unlikely (if not impossible) to buy any dog training program your website is promoting! Isn't this common sense? So, when you are working on getting free traffic for website, make sure you know what kind of traffic you are getting. Don't work blindly.

If the free traffic for website that you are getting simply doesn't convert into sales, there could be problems with your sales letter as well. How does your sales letter sound like? Is it impressive, convincing, and professional enough? Is there any "urgency" element that prompts people to click and buy your product there and then? Did you actually ask people to "buy" after telling all the benefits of your product? Is your "add to cart" or "buy now" button working well? Does your website help in the buying process or the visitors have to go through the entire website before they can click on the "buy now" button to purchase your product?

All these are pertinent questions and here are the few things that you can do to make sure that your free traffic for website converts:

# 1 Examine every single detail of your website to make sure that there is no dead link.

# 2 Examine and improve your sales copy. If you are not sure how, get your friend to read your sales page and see if he/she will buy after reading it. Or you can visit some sales page and see for yourself what attracts you or makes you wanted to buy. Better still, get help and training to write a powerful sales page or engage some experts to do it for you.

#3 Build in the urgency element by offering the product at a discounted price for a limited period of time, AND mean it! Provide a reason to the prospect to act and buy today, at that very moment, not later of the day, not tomorrow or any day after that!

#4 And of course, making sure your "buying" button is working well is extremely important to ensure that the purchase goes on smoothly and you get your money at the end! The best way of doing this is to test out the buying process yourself and rectify or adjust any flaw which you find.

Now, you have worked hard to get free traffic for website. Don't let it go wasted by not having it converted into sales. Do the right thing to squeeze the most out of the traffic that you are getting.

If you think it takes too much for you to convert the free traffic to website that you are getting, let this tool do the work for you and start getting skyrocketed and laser targeted traffic like never before. Claim it Now! Log on: http://www.trafficonlineexpert.com

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By- Wisey Lim

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