Free Golf Swing Tip and Instruction on How to Play the Game

Free Golf Swing Tip and Instruction on How to Play the Game

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Date: 2020-01-29

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Free golf swing tip and instruction on playing golf is important for a golfer. There are several steps that a beginner golfer can take to improve his technique. Some of these steps are discussed below.

Improving the grip According to professional golfers, the grip is the foundation of a player's swing. There are various types of golf grips. There is the interlocking grip used by people with thick or shorter hands. It is characterized by the index finger of the left hand interlocking with the little finger of the right hand. There is also the so-called baseball grip. This is commonly used by players with weaker arm and wrist power. In baseball grip, the index finger of the left hand is in contact with the little finger of the right hand, but they do not overlap.

Another grip style is the overlapping grip or the one that involves the little finger of the right hand sitting on top of the left hand's index finger. Most male golfers favor this grip since they can use the strength of their wrists and forearms. Aside from learning these types of grips, it is also important to be relaxed in holding the club and choose the right equipment to help make the hold easier and better.

Using the body

The force behind a swing entails the use of the whole body. The weight should be equally balanced and the stance should be relaxed when preparing to hit a swing. The bend should originate from the hips and the knees should be slightly flexed. It is also important to keep the spine erect. To get an idea how much lean and knee bend a player needs, he should adopt the stance until the 5-iron shaft and the spine are perpendicular to one another.

Different swings

1) Backswing - When hitting the backswing, it is important not to rush. The power for the backswing is generated on the downswing and the left arm should be kept as straight as possible. 2) Downswing - This swing should be started with the hips and head behind the ball. The power for the downswing should come from the leverage provided by the angle between the club and the player's wrists. 3) Follow through swing - A proper follow through is achieved when the player's head comes up with his right shoulder, with his chin over the right shoulder and his head facing the target.

A free golfing tip will not automatically make a player a pro, but at least he will learn the proper way of playing the game. A golfer will eventually develop his personal techniquePsychology Articles, but he needs to learn the basics first.

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Written by : Dean Forster

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