Five festivals of Assam

Five festivals of Assam

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-01-13

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Integration of diverse mainstream and regional cultures keeps Assam on celebration mode during major pan- Indian festivals. But the real festive pulse can be felt during the local fairs and festivals. Listed here are a few major festivals of Assam

Bihu: Bihu of Assam is a generic term for three distinct festivals dictated by the traditional agricultural cycle. The most colorful is the mid-April Bohag or Rongali Bihu that showcases the best of folk music and dances with erotic overtones. Everything about the festival of Assam has a youthful passion, though elders play a solemn role to mark the start of a farm season. The mid-January Magh or Bhogali Bihu is the harvesting festival marked by feasting on rice-based delicacies. The mid-October Kati or Kongali Bihu is a low-key affair coinciding with a lean agricultural phase. The tribal variants of Bihu of Assam have distinct styles and flavors.

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Boishagu: What Bihu is to the Assam, the mid-January Boishagu is to the Bodos, the largest plains tribe in Northeast India. Apart from youthful merriment, community prayers and solemn offerings to supreme deity Bathou mark the festival. Bodos also celebrate Bathou Puja with a Deodhani (priestess) presiding over the rituals.