Festival of the Lepchas

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Date: 2019-03-26

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The people of Dzongu are very unique of its own. Their culture and traditions are very interesting. The Lepcha people here practice very unique agriculture methods of jhum cultivation for dry land rice cultivation. The land is cleared off by controlled fire then the seeds are sown this is done by a man (tuckman zo) who used bamboo stick to make a small indent in the ground and the women folk follow him sowing the seeds no fertilizer or watering is done, the entire crop is dependent upon rains.

The villages of Pentong& Sakyong have two hillocks which offer great viewpoint. It is believed that they are the guardians of the protective deity Mount Kangchendzonga. As per the legend tjey are called Tarbiand Tarbot by the locals lepchas. Tarbi is considered as a local deity, the benevolent one while Tarbot is a demon. Both are powerful and complete against each other by fighting and hurling stones at one another, which affects the local villages so to keep them satisfied and calm the villagers give them offerings.

The most interesting part of the lepchas of Dzongu is there festival which the people of Dzongu celebrate it with full enthusiasm.

  • Sotak Rum Faat- It is the festival where special prayers are offered to gods to avoid hails in March-April for protecting the orange buds and flowers. This festival takes place in the month of Jan/ February. 
  • Che Rum Faat- This is a spring time festival in which prayers are offered to Mt kanchendzonga, to keep out and protect the locals from diseases which are normally associated with summers. Lots of chicken and eggs are offered as sacrifice during this festival and only white flower are offered during this puja. This festival takes place during the month of March.
  • Tarok- it is a puja offered by the woman folk asking for forgiveness for sacrificing chiocken during Che Rum Faat.
  • Sum Purtan Rum Faat- it’s similar to Che Rum Faat except its festival which takes place in villages around kyong Rong Chu of Passingdang, Mantam, kayem and Lingdem. In this festival; locals offer prayers of gratitude & thank the protective deity Mt Kangchendzonga for its benevolence and protection. The festival takes place during the month of May/June.
  • Chu Rum Faat- it’s a festival which offers prayers to all mountain Gods. The festival takes place during the months of Aug/ Sept.
  • Punjuk Rum Faat- this is very special festival where individual clans offer prayers to Gods of forest. Prayers are offered to Gods for good gathering of medicinal herbs roots and tubers and meats/fish. During this festival prayers are also offered so that hunters do not see their friends as animals and shoot them by mistake. This festival takes place during the month of October.
  • Songbring- It is the festival where the people of Lingdem Upper Dzongu will celebrate the festival with great enthusiasm. They perform different kinds of cultural dance. They do different kinds of competition. 
  • Namsoong- This festival is for celebrating and bringing in the New Year. Festival usually takes place during the month of November/ December with prayers offering to all Gods (Lakes, Mountains, Rivers, and other Natural elements) followed by festivities, local games and competitions and feasts. In the olden days cherry Blossoms was an indications that Namsoong festivals is just a month away.
  • Dzongu is not only a unique place in Sikkim but it is also the place for people who seek for interesting stories and who also want to experience there way of life .You can visit Dzongu if you want to experiences all these interesting festivals.

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