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Experience These 10 Amazing Autumn-Winter Festivals of Meghalaya (2022)

Author: TourGenie
Date: 2022-09-13

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Meghalaya, like any other state in India, loves its festivals. Apart from the common religious festivals, Meghalaya celebrates other cultural aspects as well with equal gusto such as music, sports, film, and literature.  

From October to December, Meghalaya plays host to over 10 festivals that celebrate life, culture, nature, and food. Make sure to plan your visit to this state so that it coincides with one of the festivals. 



This whitewater competition will get your heart pumping as you will see over 100 kayakers from around the world compete in 3 different types of whitewater races for a staggering US$ 20,000 prize money. Professionals will compete in the giant slalom, extreme boater-cross, and time-trial races. 

The festival aims to promote adventure tourism and encourage female participation in adventure sports. 

Venue: Whitewater Village, Umtham, Meghalaya (45-min drive from Shillong)

Dates: October 13th-16th


A stage for top music artists, festival attendees will be treated to a range of music genres such as hip hop, rock, and EDM. Apart from music, the festival offers local cuisine, locally made wine, and crafts that are characteristic to the state. 

Venue: Umiam Lake

Dates: October 29th-30th  


The 2nd edition of the North East Olympics Games will see around 4000 sportspersons from all the 8 northeast India states compete in 18 Olympic sports disciplines across various venues in the city. Games include archery, swimming, basketball, boxing, cycling, wrestling, athletics, and more.

Venue: Shillong 

Dates: October 30th-November 6th


Umiam Lake will see the first-ever boating contest this year. The Umiam Boating Regatta will comprise a series of boating competitions, with around 1500 boats expected to participate in the event.  

Venue: Umiam Lake 

Dates: November 2nd-6th

Umiam Lake

Umiam Lake


This arts & culture festival is a 2-day event that will see music performances from global artists, sustainable designs, and local cuisine. This is the perfect event to familiarise yourselves with the tribes of Meghalaya, their customs, artisans, and musicians.

Venue: Umiam Lake 

Dates: November 4th & 5th


Held during the blossoming of the cherry blossom trees in Shillong, this festival celebrates the traditional and modern aspects of Meghalaya culture. Various events are held at multiple venues, including Wards’ Lake and the JN Sports Complex. 

The Literary Festival and Mega Music Festival which were previously held along with the Cherry Blossom festival will be held separately this time.

Venue: Shillong

Dates: November 17th-26th (Literary Festival: November 21st-23rd | Mega Music Festival November 17th-19th)