Every trail has a tale

Author: Lily Shanker
Date: 2019-06-11

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In the lap of nature, mystery abounds. It’s evolving, it’s shifting, and it’s creating the unknown, till an observant eye spots something queer, something remarkable, and for a second, fathoms nature’s mischievous hand at play. 

In the virgin valley of Pakyong, a small town in East Sikkim, lie many a nature trails, beckoning one to explore the biodiversity of its forests comprising pine trees, Nepalese alder, bamboo, schima wallichi, and many more.


An earnestly inviting nature trail is nestled in the RDD Complex, Bojeytar (Karthok) inside the Oasis of Peace Park. A long and winding flight of steps carves a trail through a forest of pine trees that transforms into a mystical haven in winters. At the end of it is a stunning view point of the Himalayan range. 


This nature trail is every bit thrilling. As much a carrier of serenity, it’s also an awakener to every rustle and tweet made by an impatient grass hopper or a bird fighting for a spot on a branch. With nothing else to do but observe, the eye is immediately drawn to a butterfly in flight; a crimson leaf on a grey, cobbled path; or deep, questionable markings on a bark. Multiple unpaved paths diverging from the main trail reveal unexpected vistas; if one takes you to a clearing surrounded by commanding pine trees, another brings you to a roaring beehive.