Enchanted Shillong: The Best Time to visit Shillong

Author: Moromee Das
Date: 2020-04-24

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Having been lucky enough to trek amidst the gorgeous Himalayas couple of times, I have always wondered when I first fell in love with the mountains. How did I end up staring at those rocks for hours and not getting bored??Why do I give up all those lavish and relaxing holidays in the best of the hotels for the long and difficult treks just to be belittled by the mountains?

And as I traverse back in time trying to find the answers, I end up with more questions. Was it the hills surrounding the small yet beautiful town where I grew up? Was it the view from the window of my room, where I could see those far hills and hear the songs that resonated from them in the night? Was it my visit to one of the best hill stations with my family where my senses were knocked off by seeing the stunning snow-clad peaks for the first time? Well, it seems the buck stops at Shillong because being a greenery lover it was my first encounter with the lush green hills amidst milky white clouds in proximity..

Best time to visit Shillong: When it is served with Clouds

I visited Shillong in the end of May, and this is the best time to visit Shillong because neither the sun is harsh nor the rains heavy. It’s a perfect blend of dry and wet weather.

It is suggested to visit Shillong from October to mid-May because after that the peak rainy season starts, which goes on till September and it is NOT recommended to visit Shillong then because of landslides, zero visibility on roads ,and the increased chances of getting sick. But for people who love taking chances and are good enough to move around with just a rain coat on, monsoon is the best time because the whole place turns into a fairy land. However, if I have to suggest the best time, it will definitely be end of May because then the rains just start due to which the weather interruptions are not much and also we can get a glimpse of the makeover that the monsoon is about to do to it. You can also choose end of September because even that is the time when the rains starts subsiding, leaving behind the beaming Shillong at its best.