Driving Tips - Beware Of Traffic Hazards And Be Secured

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Date: 2020-01-18

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When you start learning driving, one of the things you will learn is on your security and taking care of your safety and other car occupants is paramount whenever you are driving. Life should be protected by all means. It is apparent most car accidents happen because people are not aware of road hazards, or some consciously ignore warnings. This article will take you through some driving tips with insights to traffic hazards and how you can be secure on the road.

Most Common Traffic Hazards
When you are on the road, you will be prone to many dangers. Here is an outline of the dangers that drivers might come across: -

• Skidding on wet roads and spinning out of control.
• Blown out tires while on speed.
Driving into swamps and other water bodies.
• Oncoming car runs onto you
• Bad weather hindering your view.
• Distraction by a baby or a pet.
• Involvement in road rage.
• Glaring potholes.
• Animal crossing.
• Street car racing.
• Loose objects in cars

Driving car tips and how to avoid traffic hazards. With the many dangers posed in the roads, it's evident most drivers don't know how to respond when they face road trouble. Here are preventive measures you need to consider when you are in such a situation.

• Obey traffic rules- You should never ignore traffic rules at any moment, adhere to them at all times.
• Respect traffic lights- Be careful when you are near a traffic light. Observe safe distance. Keep your eyes on the lights and plan an escape route when you are prone to be hit from behind.
Road rage- Drivers often find themselves irritated and angered by some careless drivers. In such situations it is normal to get angry and temperamental; this might trigger a driver to do uncontrolled acts. It is wise to avoid road rage at all cost. It is a major cause of accidents and leads to fatalities and great loss.
• Blind spot- Don't overstay on other drivers way, blocking other drivers view can cause accidents.
• Keep your distance- Observe and maintain a 3-4 second speed behind the car in front of you. Don't drive too close especially when you are driving on-ramps.
• Use mirrors- As much as possible use all your mirrors, the rear and side mirrors. Use them at least in every 5 seconds. And ensure they are properly aligned.
• Communicate- Ensure you use horn and lights to communicate with other drivers on the road. Also be cooperative to other driver’s communication.
• Give way- Don't argue with larger vehicles, be wise and let them have their way.
• Stick to Lane- Don't keep switching lanes very frequently. This might obstruct other drivers.
• Plan- Always plan your journeymen, consider choosing the routes that are safest and will take you to your destination.
• Pets and babies- when you have them in your car ensure they are restrained to their seats to avoid causing you distractions. These distractions are known to cause many accidents.
• Bad weather- Bad weather like fog and storm may make visibility be limited and roads slippery. Ensure you drive slowly, use fog lights or low beams. Switch off the radio and roll down windows to hear what is happening. Avoid driving in such conditions unless it is absolutely a must. Never stop on a busy road when it's foggy and dangerous.

With the many road hazards, one need to be sober mind to avoid accidents. The above-outlined driving Ups will keep you secure when on the road. They have been tested and proven by drivers over the years. Implement them to be safe on the roads.

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