Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-01-30

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When we look at blogging within the overall social media platform, we begin to realize that our blog is only one part of the success formula. Yes it is the most important and your blog must be your central hub if you are ever going to reach your goals, but it is only part of social media.

The number one question I receive from my students is how to drive traffic to your blog. The answer is actually a lot easier then most realize, but must be implemented daily to see the results you desire.

When we look at blogging within the overall social media platform, we begin to realize that our blog is only one part of the success formula. Yes it is the most important and your blog must be your central hub if you are ever going to reach your goals, but it is only part of social media.

We only need to look as far as the entire social media platform for the answers on how to drive traffic to your blog.

 Social media includes:

  • Social Bookmarking sites like:
  • Digg
  • Delicious
  • Diigo
  • Folkd

Web 2.0 Properties like:

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • MySpace
  • Mulitply
  • Friendster

Social media sites like:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Article Directions Like”

  • Ezine Articles
  • GoArticles
  • ArticleDashboard

Now we are starting to understand the parts of social media that we need to focus on if we are going to accomplish our two main goals:

  • How to drive traffic to your blog
  • How to generate backlinks to our blog that will get us ranked highly within Google which will result in massive free traffic

We also have the start to something called a link wheel. When we understand Google and their algorithms, they are searching for blogs that understand the diversity you need that will explode your leads and income within weeks, not years.

The link wheel is the answer to your traffic problem. Yes you need the proper marketing funnel in place if you want to convert that traffic into customers, but traffic, the link wheel is your answer.

I see so many who click publish on their blog and they are done, in reality your work should only be starting at that point.

If you spend an hour syndicating your blog post to the different parts of the link wheel you will see instant traffic, leads and income from your efforts.

While I cannot cover all the strategies within this article, here are a few to get you started. One of the major parts of the link wheel are the top social bookmarking sites online.

By going over to onlywire and setting up a free account, you can simply click a button after you publish your blog to get your post out to the top 40 social bookmarking sites online.

Yes you need to spend a couple of hours setting up the 40 free accounts within onlywire, but it is once and done and a tool you cannot do without.

Be sure to download their bookmark and share button onto your toolbar so you can simply click on that to send your new blog post out to all 40 sites.

High page rank article directories are another awesome way to generate a lot of leads very quickly. By creating just one article you are able to submit that to 10 different directories which gets you both traffic and backlinks.

I can hear you now, won't I get a penalty from Google for duplicationArticle Search, no. If you want to get slapped from Google for duplication just go ahead and use one of those robots that submits to thousands of directories.

Google wants to see natural growth and by submitting no more than 10-20 articles or anything with a backlink to the specific URL of your blog post each day you will be fine.

If your true desire is to earn replacement type income you need to have the following within your business.

  • A Daily blueprint of very specific strategies that you should implement
  • A professional marketing funnel
  • A free gift to offer your prospects
  • Professional autoresponders
  • Capture pages
  • A very specific syndication strategy for your blog post that will get your blog in front of hundreds and thousands of people and websites


Here is a Powerful Free 3-Day-Video training The Secrets Behind Social Media that will show you how to set up a very strong marketing funnel and how to dominate any niche on the Internet within 30 days.

Don't settle for less with your business, learn how to drive traffic to your blog drive traffic to your blog and build a business that will last you a lifetime. The training above “The Secrets Behind Social Media” will give you all the tools you need including a proper marketing funnel.

By: Joseph Musumeci

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