Distinguishing Trout Fishing Lures

Distinguishing Trout Fishing Lures

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-01-24

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Trout fishing lures are a must for any trout fishing expedition. Bringing the right lures could make a difference in how your fishing trip would turn out to be. There is a wide array of such lures that one can find in the market and they come in various kinds, shapes, sizes, colors, and weight.

For a novice trout fisher, the variety of trout fishing lures available can be confusing especially if one has to choose which of them to bring to a fishing trip. Even seasoned trout fishermen could not readily decide which lure is best for a particular situation.

The kind of trout and the kind of bait that would entice them, the area where you are planning to fish, and your fishing activity are but some of the considerations that you should bear in mind when choosing a lure. There are also other factors worthy of consideration like water temperature, sunlight, and water clarity. For example, avoid using shiny lures when fishing on a sunny day because their reflection would repel trout.

The kind of lures you should choose are those that look like the trout's natural prey as they are more likely to respond to these. The resemblance must not only be in colors and appearance but also in size and weight. Many also recommend the use of living baits like minnows, water worms, and nightcrawlers. Some even swear on the effectivity of baits like mallows and sweet corn kernels. These can be cast for dead drift or you can choose to use them as subsurface streamers.

Spinners, jigs, and spoons are some of the trout fishing lures commonly used by trout fishers. To catch steelhead and rainbow trout, many use spinners because its movements are very similar to the movement of the trout's usual prey. Spoons also imitate the movement of small bait fish so trout are also attracted to these. Jigs, on the other hand, are also handy but they must be used with caution as they can easily get tangled.

The rooster tail is also another common lure used by trout fishermen. Since its movement resembles that of a minnow's, which is a common food for trout, using this also brings good results. The mini stickbait is also another lure that looks like a minnow. It also resembles a fingerling trout.

There are also lures that are best used for particular seasons. In spring when trout are still a little lazy and are still at the bottom of the body of water, the kind of lure that is suitable for this circumstance is one that is not very heavy yet not very light. It should not be heavy enough to be caught in the rocks and plants at the bottom but it must also be not too light for it to reach the trout. A spinner and worm rigs are best used when there is a lot of runoff.

Spinners are what many people use when trying to hook a rainbow trout in spring time. Streamlined spoon lures, on the other hand, are best used when fishing in a lake for brown trout. They should not be heavier than ¼ oz. Moreover, a spinning rod with weighted minnow plugs is best to use when fishing in deep pools, lakes, rivers, and estuaries.

There are a lot of matters to consider if you want to choose the right lure for a specific situation. But then, it will always be a good idea to bring a number of lures of various kinds as they could come handy when trout fishing. To be able to catch a trout, you would need to have the right lure at the right time and at the right place.

George Dodrell is a trout fishing expert. For great information on trout fishing lures, visit http://www.yourtroutfishingguide.com.

George Dodrell is a trout fishing expert. For great information on trout fishing lures, visit http://http://www.yourtroutfishingguide.com.

By: George Dodrell

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