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Digital Photography Has Changed The World

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-01-14

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Digital Photography Has Changed the World

The revolution of digital photography has had a wonderful impact on our lives in so many ways. Not only are we able to take pictures more cheaply, but we can easily share and protect our photographs. But, the impact of this revolution does not end there. Here are 5 industries that have been completely changed by digital photography.

Here are just five of the industries that have been forever changed by the technology of digital photography:


The field of medicine has benefited greatly from the development of digital imagery. Thanks to how easy it is now to transfer digital images, patient data paired with relevant photos can be stored and sent to any hospital worldwide. No longer needing to wait for the development of film allows instant results for reference photographs and X-rays, and those photographs can now be placed on a hard drive instead of taking up storage room space. Many of the endoscopic procedures practiced today would be impossible without the technology of digital.


During the last ten years, the internet has become a new way to socialize. The internet was once considered a hangout for nerds but now has become one of the most important communication tools in the world. A huge part of this communication is the ability to download, upload, and share photographic images. The social networking site Facebook has more than 10 billion photographs, all of which owe their presence to the technology of digital cameras. From sharing with others photos of special events to capturing a one of a kind image during a crisis, digital photography has totally changed how stories are now shared.

Outer Space

Space exploration is thought to be one of humanity's most significant achievements. The new and advanced technology has allowed space scientists to explore and view areas that they have never seen before, such as the images captured and sent back to earth from the digital cameras mounted on the Mars Exploration Rovers. Without the aid of these technologies, we would not be able to process and transmit these images as data over almost a countless number of miles, and our view of space would still be only what can be seen from Earth.

Sports Photography

While it may seem obvious that the development of digital has changed the way in which we document sporting events, it's hard to understand how great a difference it has created without looking in more detail. Because digital photography is not limited by the use of film, there is absolutely no cost difference between taking one photo or one thousand. With this added freedom, sports journalists are free to take thousands of photographs at every event they cover, increasing their chances of scoring one of those "one in a million" shots and opening the profession up to those who may have been afraid to risk the film.

How We Learn

As with education, digital photography has helped make learning more accessible, more interactive and perhaps even more rewarding. The extremely low cost of digital images makes it a natural choice for student projects, and the huge amount of digital photos and choice of editing tools have provided students with an unending resource for research and presentations. The use of digital video, which uses the same technology as digital photos, has enabled us to do such things as communicate worldwide in real time and take classes on the internet.

Taking digital photography for granted can be easy, especially with how prevalent it is in our daily lives. However, once we are aware of the many things that digital cameras has made possible, it is exciting to realize the impact that they have made on our daily lives. From outer space to cyber space, the digital revolution has improved and changed our lives - possibly forever.

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