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Delivery in the social media ward

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-01-18

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It's actually quite funny yet simple, social media campaigns are like a pregnant woman a few months before giving birth. When we see pregnant woman, all we see is her current situation knowing subconsciously what will happen in a few months' time.
This is similar to social media campaigns, all people see are people sitting in a group having a discussion then all of a sudden, BAM! "50000 likes" and an award for the most successful campaign.

Social media is one of those careers that move far beyond the point of having a Degree or Diploma. You have to live it and love it otherwise it won't work. It's not a job that you just do, more a process of checks and balances till you have the finished product.


From the word go, there is no turning back. Everything is laid on the table, the client states what they 'want', their expectations' from the campaign, and most importantly their desire for spectacular results! Dedication does not just mean committing to the campaign, but actually becoming the campaign, that's how you give it life, hard work, momentum then watch it succeed.


This is what I call "crunch" time. It may not seem like it, but this might be the most difficult part of the whole "online marketing pregnancy". At this stage mass creativity, brilliant timing and planning is required. Though there are times when the mind's creative side decides that it's not going to co-operate, you are constantly reminded that you are running on a deadline.


All personal issues aside you have got to make this social media campaign work. Most important is that you have to listen to each other, respect each and everyone's opinion whether it is right or wrong. It can be quite a stressful ordeal especially when the digital creative juices 'start running out'.

As an individual you have to do your part, by making the campaign your own baby, 'your' own delivery. If one falls, it could cause a problem.

Client and consumer:

You know the saying that the "customers always right." In the digital world the client is always 1000% right. What they want is what they want to get. At times not understanding that things cannot be done in a particular way. Knowing that what they want is not always ideal, you will sometimes need to find a way around it, if you are lucky you will get some clients who are willing to compromise on their desires.


The word speaks for itself. The unexpected will arise eg, people might not be engaging enough, the page might lack 'Likes', normally at this point the unimaginable goes wrong. The key is to stick to the original plan, and the client's desire for outstanding results!

And when it all comes together and the labour pains are over, you will rejoice, enjoy and reap all the benefits of all that has been done. In others words you'll have a beautiful baby, that you can always look at and say "damn we did a good job!"

At Digital by Design, we've become very familiar with this "drill" and may we add that we have mastered the techniques needed for the "emergency" room.

When the flare is over and the rush slowed down, all is well. It mostly feels like we're dreaming, we gaze at this wonderful achievement, as a mother, when she holds her baby for the first time.

At DbyD, we pride ourselves in all that we do, pushing ourselves to the ultimate. Do we sound self-proclaimed? Come by our office or visit our DbyD site, If you're not willing to travel, follow us on Facebook, and Twitter @digitalbydesign. Then tell us how many babies you want, and we'll deliver.

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By- Penelop Ndlovu

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