Creative Success

Creative Success

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Date: 2020-01-30

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One of the clichéd mantras of the Internet ... worldis, "Content is king." Content is very ... to ... but I think that a more ... focus should beon original ...

One of the clichéd mantras of the Internet marketing world
is, "Content is king." Content is very important to any
website, but I think that a more important focus should be
on original content.

Recently I was browsing through a few marketing related
sites and I noticed a trend. I noticed that many sites
contain the same rehashed material. Much of this rehashed
material is essential for beginning business ventures to
succeed, but there also needs to be a stronger focus on
creating original ideas.

Let's face it, in order to stand out, you often have to be
original and creative. A great new idea is worth a hundred
used up thoughts. You can't sit stagnate, especially in
the fast changing world of the Internet. You have to
change with the pace, or be left behind, but why should you
stop there? Why not lead the next revolution. I'm making
it a point to take some time each day for thinking and
creating. Its not easy to do, but if you want to really
stand out, then take some time to really look for a novel

Here are a few tips on finding an original idea.

1. Identify a problem - If you can find a way to fix a
problem you've come up with a great idea. People obviously
don't like problems of any kind. Fixing a common problem
will benefit many people, and therefore have a great
potential to benefit you.

2. Do the twist - Finding a truly original idea is very
difficult, but that isn't exactly what you need. Putting a
twist on an old idea is one of the best methods of creative
thinking. A great example of turning an old idea into a
refreshingly new concept is top marketer, Mark Aesop's
TrafficSwarm. He basically took the old pop up window and
created an entire traffic generation system. Keep your
eyes open.

More on Trafficswarm at: rafficswarm.htm

3. Write it down - If you spend a lot of time creatively
thinking, it starts to become habit and pretty soon you'll
be thinking about your site at the strangest times. This
is great, but the problem is that you can often get
distracted or just plain forget what you were thinking
about. Keep an idea diary by writing down any idea that
pops into your head, no matter how stupid it might seem.
Later on, even if it turns out to not be such a great idea,
it might spark your thoughts onto something better.

Don't become outdated and stagnant. Practice creative
thinking often and record your thoughts. Those who do this
will evolve and be the leaders, while the rest get swept
behind the times.

Best of luck to you,

JC Anderl
www.Redlionbooks.comFeature Articles,

Visit my site or email me if you have any questions about
marketing or website promotion.

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Written by JC Anderl

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