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Date: 2020-01-29

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Vacation rentals aren’t a frivolous luxury. They are a way to stay well and enhance quality of life. In today’s economy, many individuals think that they simply cannot afford to take time off from the...

Vacation rentals aren’t a frivolous luxury. They are a way to stay well and enhance quality of life. In today’s economy, many individuals think that they simply cannot afford to take time off from their jobs much less spend time at the seashore. This mindset could not be further from the truth. Studies have proven that an employee is even more effective after a bit of time off. Children in elementary school have recess because they need to blow off steam, have a change of scenery and file back into the classroom refreshed and ready to learn. Adults are not so different. Here are ways that taking a trip to the shore can improve your life:

- More effective at work: Workers who are so burned out that they drag around all day are not being very effective at on the job. Let’s face it; creativity and productivity aren’t enhanced by heaping more on a person’s schedule and amping up workload. Taking a break will let workers’ brain cells and attitude rejuvenate and be bursting with juice upon return from their trip.

- Relationships amped up: In everyday life, it’s hard to find time for one’s sweetie, isn’t it? Beyond the nine-to-five, the commute, the household chores, what’s left is a tiny sliver divided between sleep and romance. When a couple goes away on a respite, they both have time to devote to each other as well as their relationship. By investing this holiday in their relationship, their pairing will likely stand the test of time.

- Children have happy memories in their childhood memory bank: The kids often get lost in the shuffle, too. They have school work, homework, sports and play dates. Time with the family is often spent in front of TV sets. When they grow up, their memories may consist of blurry car rides to and from activities or fighting over the remote control. Want to change that and turn their memory bank balances from depletion to black ink? Take them to vacation rentals. There are lots of things that kids will find delightful including building sand castles at the beach, going to the zoo, hiking at the natural settings at the park, watching sporting events from the local arena and seeing their parents in a relaxed state. Now that’s a profound investment in their childhoods.

- Immunity and disease curtailed: Individuals who don’t take annual vacations are 30% more likely to get diseases such as heart problems, diabetes and mental illnesses. In order for human immunity to be highly functional, enough rest and relaxation must be built into the schedule. Going out of town will allow individuals to watch themselves get healthier.

Yes, most people are struggling financially these days but that’s no reason to skip vacations. No one can afford not to check into vacation rentals. A trip away can make people more effective on the job, improve their love life, help their kids, and keep their bodies disease-free and well. There are lots of places that will fit every vacationer’s budget, purpose and desire.

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