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Choosing a Camping Lantern

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-01-24

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When you go camping you will need a camping lantern, camping stove and a camping cot as well as a flash light.

All campers will need some type of lantern gas, battery, or candle. Each one has there pros and cons. To find out which will work for you here are a few tips.

Gas lanterns give off bright light but are noisy and will be the most expensive of all lanterns to operate. You will have to pack extra propane bottles The older liquid gas lanterns give off just as much light but you will have to refill the tank with liquid gas and this can be messy as well as dangerous if you are not careful. Both types of lanterns use mantels so be sure to carry extras.

Battery lanterns give of plenty of light but however you will need to have spare batteries or if it is a rechargeable style you will need some way to recharge it. The rechargeable lanterns do not last as long as a battery type of lantern and the lighting tends to be a bit duller. The rechargeable lanterns can be recharged with you car by plugging into the cigarette lighter on some models.

Candles will are the most cost effective but you have to be very careful not to start a fire with them. They also do not through a very strong light and they are subject to going out in a breeze.

The best lantern to use inside a tent is a battery style. But they do not work well in colder climates as the batteries tend to run down faster due to the cold.

Be sure the lantern you buy is weather proof. If you are camping in colder weather the gas type of lanterns would be your best choice because not only do they give of a bright light they also give off a fair amount of heat. Never use the gas lanterns in the tent. Should the lantern get knocked over or get too close to flammable materials it could start a fire.

If you are using a gas lantern in the rain you have to be careful because the glass globe can break if a lot of water gets on it. A single mantle in a lantern gives off about 300 watts of light. Be aware that the glass globe of all gas and propane lanterns get extremely hot and can give you a serious burn.

If you are going to use candles you will have to be very careful that you do not start a fire. Rememer that the hot wax of the candle can burn you if you get it on your skin. Never leave a candle that is burning in your tent unattended and never fall asleep with a burning candle or a burning lantern in your tent.

Many camping trips have been ruined by a hot lantern or a burning candle. Now matter which type of lantern you use always play safe Never store a hot gas lantern near any flammable materials or leave any open flames unattended.

Be sure the flashlight you purchase is waterproof, corrosion resistant and has a scratch resistant lens. Look for one that has an adjustable beam and can be free standing which frees up your hands to do other things.

Have a flashlight for each camper in your group. The plastic type are great for the kids and they only cost a dollar or so. Never let the kids wander around at night as unless they've been taught not to shine their flashlight beams into other camping sites which can upset the other campers.

Be sure that the flashlights are shock proof. Many a flashlight has been broke because the kids accedently dropped it on the ground. If you are walking at night never shine your flash light at any moving vehicles. Your light may blind the driver and which could cause an accident.

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