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Date: 2020-01-18

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It is true that the season that you travel in makes a difference in pricing. You will often find that traveling during an off season will turn out the best discounts. For example, it is best to travel to the Caribbean in the fall and spring because these are considered to be potential hurricane seasons. This is also true for other places as well.

The prospect of a group tour makes a lot of us uneasy. Given that you are touring a place on someone else watch, many find the planned schedules restrictive. Plus, there's the group of strangers one may or may not like, and the large group that screams "tourist." But group tours are not always a bad thing; in fact, they may just surprise you and offer some truly memorable, and unique, experiences.

Think about your comfort first. When you are booking your group tour, think about the things that make you happy when you’re traveling. Do you typically like to split the family up into two different hotel rooms? Do you prefer for the rooms to be next door to each other so that everyone can walk in and out of each others spaces easily? Is it absolutely necessary for your son or daughter to have a window seat on all flights? These are all things that a tour operator should know at the time of booking, in order for your holiday to be one without unpleasant situations, and to cause you just happy memories.

One of the most important things you can do is to review the trip schedule provided by the tour operator. Knowing the places you’ll be visiting will help you determine everything from what to wear in certain places to other essentials, like bottled water or snacks, you might want to pack for a day of sightseeing where lunchtime is a bit later than you are used to. If your itinerary includes visits to churches or other religious buildings, plan for covering your shoulders or removing your shoes as a form of reverence and respect. Another reason for reviewing the itinerary is to determine if there are any attractions not on the agenda that you’d like to fit in while on your trip.

Just because you are traveling with a group, that doesn’t mean you have to be tied to them every second of your trip. If there’s a morning where you’d like to sleep in a little bit late and skip a specific sightseeing trip, let your tour guide know in advance.

Who doesn’t like meeting new people? Sure, there's a chance that there will be someone in the group who drives you nuts, but there is also the likelihood of some interesting people, maybe even future friends. You have to be on the bus with them, so you might as well make it enjoyable.

When you're on the bus making new friends, don't forget to take in the scenery and get a good feel for all the places you're visiting. A window seat on the bus is a perfect place for getting great photos, so take advantage of the fact that you aren't the one who has to navigate.

Usually tour guides give you a limited amount of time at each site just so they can fit in as much into your day as possible. If you need more time to explore a specific siteScience Articles, don’t hesitate to let your guide know. The other people in your group are probably feeling the same way and you want to be sure you get your money’s worth. 

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