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Date: 2020-01-22

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The best gift that a couple can give their unborn child is a pair of happy parents. Enhance your relationship with a Babymoon retreat.

A Babymoon retreat is actually a gift for your unborn child. Jogging strollers, hand knit blankets and a designer nursery are all wonderful comforts to accessorize a newborn’s life, but nothing compares to having a set of bonded and joyful parents. A Babymoon retreat can offer just the nurturing an expectant couple needs to ready them for the arrival of their infant. Here are some things to think about:

- After the newborn’s arrival, both Mommy and Daddy will need to swing into action in order to nurture and support their infant. Middle of the night feedings, adjusting to a precious new family member and seeing their partner in the role of parent rather than lover will all take a bit of fortitude.
- A baby may be new to the planet, but he or she has come equipped with a strong sense of intuitive radar. Infants react in utero and after arrival to the vibes of their parental unit. When a pregnant mom is stressed, her child will sense it. When she is calm and content, baby will feel that as well.
- New fathers and mothers often have an array of conflicting feelings. Fathers, especially, may feel a bit neglected when his breastfeeding wife has fallen head-over-heels with a tiny replica of one of them. While he will also be awestruck over his son or daughter, his body isn’t as involved in the process to the same degree. He has not carried the developing fetus in his body and will not feed it from his breasts. He may have confusing feelings of jealousy about this intense bond between Mama and baby. A Babymoon retreat will enable him to be pampered and included in the process in a more intimate way.
- No matter how old children are, one of the most solid bricks in their foundation is their parents’ relationship. It is a virtual springboard for them to lift from. Not only do happy parents create a sound foundation, they are also models for their child’s future relationships. Children, from babies to teens, learn the most from observation. Parents who take time to nurture their own partnership will be role models over time. Start out on the right foot by nurturing each other pre-baby.
- Environment is important. Whether one is tangled in a traffic snarl on a noisy city street or is sitting on a moss covered boulder viewing majestic pines, a body absorbs their environment. Ancient Feng Shui philosophies point to the unconscious effect that an environment has on one’s physical being. Even colors have been shown to agitate or calm a person’s psyche. Babymoon retreats are set in beautiful, luxurious settings selected for their soothing and awesome environments.

What is more important than giving your newborn the gift of nurtured and bonded parents? A person can only give away what he or she has within them. A Babymoon retreat can fill a mommy and daddy up enough so that they are able to pass peaceScience Articles, light and love on to their precious new baby.

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A babymoon retreat can be a wonderful experience to expectant parents looking to have a smooth transition into parenthood. For more information, visit

By Abigail Aaronson

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