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Camp Cooking Tips And Tricks

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Date: 2020-01-04

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Cooking on camping trips is part of the outdoor experience! Whether you are cooking over campfires, using Dutch ovens, camp stoves, foil packets or grills … we have Camp Cooking Tips And Tricks plus recipes to make your camp cooking delicious, easy and fun.

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Dutch Oven Campfire Cooking Tips: To reduce or possibly eliminate the need for cleaning, you can use disposable (parchment paper or aluminum foil) Dutch oven liners. The foil liners come in different sizes so be sure to get the right size for your oven.

Foil Cupcake Liners hold their shape better than paper ones but they still form odd shapes as they bake things like muffins, cupcakes and individual desserts. If you want your muffins to be uniform in shape, you need to use a Cast Iron Muffin Pan instead of cupcake liners.

To keep rounded items, like avocados, upright during cooking, slice off a small portion of the bottom to create a steady surface. Then rotate the lid to evenly distribute heat during the cooking process.Slow cooking in a liquid produces tender meat. This is easily accomplished with deep Dutch ovens using charcoal briquettes or a campfire as a heat source.

If fire restrictions prevent cooking with campfires, use your Dutch oven on a propane camp stove.Using a lid lifter allows you to stay a safe distance from the hot campfire when removing the lid from your Dutch oven.Keep your Dutch oven stable when Australian Bush Cooking. Use a grill grate or tripod for stability and point the handle away from the fire.

Block wind to avoid heat loss when cooking with campfire Dutch ovens in breezy conditions.The entire surface area of meat must make contact with the Dutch oven to evenly brown it, so if your Dutch oven is not large enough to handle all of the meat at once, just brown it in smaller batches.

In a Dutch oven, meat can be browned quickly over a hot campfire but for baking at precise temperatures, switch to charcoal briquettes as the heat source better temperature control. Use Foil Cupcake Liners when making elegant desserts in one Dutch oven … they stay in place as you pour the batter in each cup plus they hold their shape as individual cakes as the batter bakes. Use a Dutch Oven Temperature Chart to determine the number of charcoal briquettes required for precise temperature control in your Dutch oven.


Start your campfire early so it has time to burn down. Campfire Cooking Outback over hot coals rather than large pieces of burning wood.

Separate your campfire ring: One side with coals under the grill grate, the other with wood to keep the campfire burning to "steal" coals and maintain ample heat throughout the cooking process.


Use a rapid fire chimney starter to light your charcoal quickly, efficiently and safely without lighter fluid.

Foil Packets

Get a good campfire going so your foil packets can cook over a bed of hot coals.Use foil packets to cook directly over a campfire and avoid big clean-up jobs.

In a Dutch oven, meat can be browned quickly over a hot campfire but for baking at precise temperatures, switch to charcoal briquettes as the heat source better temperature control. For more info visit us at here:

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