Business Article Marketing How To Use Keywords In Local Articles Draw Traffic To Your Website

Business Article Marketing: How To Use Keywords In Local Articles (Draw Traffic To Your Website!)

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-01-30

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Do you have a local business that you're trying to market online? One of the best ways to bring attention to your business and website is with local business article marketing. You may have wondered how to submit articles so that you attract people from your own city to your website. This article will teach you how.

Do you have a local business that you're trying to market online? One of the best ways to bring attention to your business and website is with local business article marketing. You may have wondered how to submit articles so that you attract people from your own city to your website. I'll teach you how in this article.

The first thing you need to do is keyword research. Keyword phrases usually involve a phrase that is anywhere from 2-8 words long.

When people go to Google and the other search engines to look up information, they will type words in the search box that indicate the topic that they're interested in. From the searcher's perspective, these phrases are called "search terms", but from the website owner's point of view, these phrases are called "keyword terms" or phrases.

Your goal is to figure out what people who are interested in your niche are typing into Google to reach websites similar to yours. When you do keyword research, you can see what people are searching for and how many people are doing those types of searches. You can also see how many websites are already meeting the demand for those searches.

Doing keyword research can help you develop the content on your own website--if you see that lots of people are searching for specific information having to do with your niche, you can create content on your site to satisfy those requests for information. You can also use your keyword research to create free reprint articles that you use to market your website.

When you do keyword research, you'll come up with two different types of phrases. One type of phrase will be for your website--it is what you would like the pages on your website to rank highly for in Google. This phrase will include your location, since for a local business you want to attract website visitors who are in your geographic area.

We call these location specific keyword phrases your "main keywords". These phrases will generally be shorter (2-3 words long) and competitive (there are other website owners who are competing for top rankings for those phrases too). There is more competition with these main keywords, but there should also be a bigger pay off. If you can get the pages on your website to rank highly for those terms, then you could get a lot of visitors referred to your site from search engines. This can result in a dramatic increase in website traffic.

In your article submissions, you would use these main keyword phrases in your resource box, which is the author biography that accompanies your article. You can even hyperlink your location specific keyword phrase, which would draw extra attention to it from search engines. Please note though that it is important not to hyperlink the same keyword phrase every time. It's best to have a list of keyword phrases and alternate which one you use in your resource box.

With your articles, you do not need to worry about attracting people from only your city. The people who read your articles can be from anywhere, so the keyword terms that you use do not need to mention your location. Actually, unless you're writing a travel article, your title and article should probably not mention your location at all. Instead, your articles will be on topics that are not associated with your geographic area (unless it makes sense to do so given your topic).

For example, if you're a Dentist in Denver, you will write articles on dentistry in general, rather than trying to write articles about dentistry in Denver. But if you're a Real Estate agent in Richmond, it may be appropriate sometimes for you to write at least some articles that are specific to your location, as that makes sense given your (real estate).

When doing your keyword research you'll look for longer (3-8 words long), more specific phrases. These phrases may have fewer people searching for them, but they also have much less competition, making it easy for your article to rank highly for that keyword phrase. These are called "long-tail keyword phrases", and you will use these phrases to determine your article topics.

Your goal in doing local business article marketing is to:

a) Get the pages of your website to have a higher ranking for the shorter competitive keyword terms that mention your geographic location. You do this by using location specific main keyword terms in your resource boxes and linking them to your website.

b) Get your articles to rank highly for the less competitive, long-tail keyword terms that you use for the topics of your articles. You can use these long-tail keyword terms in your titles and in your articles.

You may have noticed, when you do local business article marketing, you can get traffic to your website from different sources--the big source is through search engines, such as Google when people search for keyword terms associated with the pages on your website. The other is directly through your articles. When people read your articles, they can visit your website by clicking the link in your resource box.

As a local business ownerComputer Technology Articles, you can draw traffic to your website by submitting free reprint articles. Doing the keyword research helps you make sure that the work you're putting into your marketing will pay off in the biggest way possible.

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