Building the Foundation of a Money Making Blog

Building the Foundation of a Money Making Blog

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-01-29

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For anybody wanting to have money making blog it must be first understood that the blog building process is not an overnight occurrence. There are certain requirements and expectations you will need to meet BEFORE you earn any income from an internet marketing blog. In fact if you expect to get paid to blog the key to the degree and speed of your success will depend upon the foundation you build for your site.

Here are 5 blogging tips you need to follow to establish a solid foundation for your site in preparation for earning an income from it.

Niche Focus

Every internet marketing blog is most effective when they focus on a particular market or niche. By maintaining a theme that is too broad or general in nature it will be difficult to attract many visitors let alone expect them to continually return. If people do not feel you will be constantly supplying them with content that appeals to their particular interest they likely will not be back.

Update Content

Whatever the theme or focus of your site you will want to update the content as often as time will allow you. The more the better since visitors will frequent your site more so if there is new content to be viewed.

Create Back Links

This will help the development of your site in a couple of major ways. By having incoming links from other blogs you now have an additional stream of traffic to your site. Another benefit you experience from establishing back links is that search engines viewed this as a validation of sorts for your site. This normally results in you receiving a higher search engine ranking which means more traffic that is both free and targeted.

Good Hosting

If you want to get paid to blog than you need to select a reliable host upon which you can place your site. Free hosting is not the answer since they severely limit you in what you can do with your blogs.

Things to consider when choosing a host are their availability to you if you are in need of their assistance. Also you need to be concerned with the servers' ability to keep your site live and not be experiencing glitches that take your site offline. Remember when you site is down your business is effectively closed.

Cutting to the chase here you can Google the 'top' host available which will likely return you results that include Host Gator. In my book go with these people since they are one of the best in the business and have an established record of reliable service.

Quality Content

Simply stated here if the content you post does not contain useful information it gives visitors little reason to return. On the other hand if the content you write is of good quality readers will return and ALSO most likely recommend your site to others.

Building a money making blog takes time, patience and effort but nothing happens until you have established a solid foundation. The blog building process is an important phase that will determine how successful your internet marketing blog will become. Unlike a conventional website this type of site takes time to establish before you can expect to get paid to blog. The 5 blogging tips discussed here can almost be considered mandatory requirements if you have any expectations of earning an income off your site. Take heart however in noting that there is nothing complicated or technical about the blog building process. The only requirements from you will be patience, consistency and diligence and if you can deliver all 3 than success will be yours.

About the author: TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

To learn more about developing a money making blog and to also receive a free instructional manual that teaches valuable niche research techniques simply visit:

By: TJ Philpott

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